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  1. @Jorgedigam African lady and I need a father figure, duties in the life of my children
  2. But in our case is not like that, after we gat married we waited for one and half years become the baby come and we still plane to have more. We Date, we married and we have baby.
  3. @geowrian please can u define bonafide marriage for me, because when you and ur spouse are living together and have baby. You are happy with each other and do things together
  4. @azblk nothing to think of, our marriage is bonafide we have child together. Bcos is taking too long after interview in September , and anything yet only for them to send me my case is still pending. On the day of the interview the officer asked us if she requested DNA, are we ready to do it. We are ready for anything
  5. U gat what am saying right , for example I was working in south that day and my husband said north that's the only question he gat wrong. But he gat the name of the company right Sorry about that
  6. Yes I'm ###### stress out right now, am having sleepless nights. They're having doubts about my son maybe have not the mum,( the most painful part of this they didn't meet me at home: to me ) I gat the video of his birth in the delivery room I will have show it to them and pictures of my pregnancy
  7. What I mean is being a caregiver with the company I work u are not going to one client Monday to Friday, u can be posted to a different client in different locations, my husband can't know exactly where I will be working
  8. He told them the true, made a mistake and I right correct the mistake but my get the name of the company right. My husband told them they called me to come and work and they asked him, how he knows. They want to see the phone conversation, we talk around 11pm, 4am and 5.30 and 8am when am @ work, I was waiting for him to come and stay with the baby, secondly we are using same car and I need to leave the house 6am. They checked his phone and see we talked.
  9. @dwheels76Yes I overstayed b4 I gat married, it will be two years in April that I filled
  10. Thanks @Pinkrlion yes we are true married what they can our tenant is like they want to know if I'm the biological mother of my baby and my relationship with my husband. Also my husband age is almost 2x of my age
  11. @joregedig I filled renew in September they only send me extension for 6months at my work they did recognize that they only came me 5hours in two weeks
  12. No, he's didn't lie he made a mistake bcos am not working. Bcos my work authorization card is expired, so they only call me for work something I worked in different places and he told another place. My work is not an office job thou. I'm a caregiver they can send out to a different client which my husband didn't know their houses. He told them that am not working they call me when they need me.
  13. Yes, but the reply they sent me yesterday get me worried that my case is still pending
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