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  1. Your approval is close. I hope you’ve been checking the DOCUMENT TAB for an approval notice in the form of an uploaded document. After I got approved, my date kept changing. Congrats in advance!!!
  2. I read somewhere to give them a buzz after a week from approval. I received mine the following business day after approval. Some cases I’ve been following on visa tracker that got approved about 4months ago have still not been sent to The Department of State. Yh, everything is done electronically at NVC stage.
  3. Case approved finally! Goodluck & Godspeed to others waiting. 🙏
  4. Quite a number of November filers have been approved on Visa tracker & no one is updating us here. My date changed three times in three days, I hope it leads to an approval. 🙏
  5. Almost a year & no hope of renuniting with my wife this year. It gets more frustrating week in week out. Why should it take up to a year for families to be together?? To think a chunk of January petitions got approved about 2-3 months ago.... went through the worst when my wife( a nurse) had the virus in March....Thank God for healing. The thought of losing a wife is a crazy & petrifying feeling. Sometimes when I’m about to lose it, I just think about the fact that she is still alive & kicking...that is what keeps me going! Still hoping for good news!
  6. I must say that you took the words outta my mouth. While other centers keep testifying, hardly a thing is heard from Potomac filers. Something strange is wrong with the center. Let’s keep hope alive!
  7. The timeline for Potomac service center changed as well as other service centers.
  8. Shouldn’t be long. Response time to RFEs I’ve seen so far this month are swift, good timing. Let us keep hope alive!
  9. Yes. For two(2) months with a possible extension of the pandemic lingers.
  10. Be like some aproko dey this group wey go raise alarm for that way if them see any good news for hia. Biko code levels
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