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  1. My wife had her interview yesterday and everything went well, but she was asked for my 2019 tax transcript and not the 1040/return. My 2019 tax return has yet to be processed by the IRS even though my accountant submitted it 11/03/20. Is it possible the embassy would accept a letter from my accountant stating she submitted my return? The IRS has a large backlog of paper returns from last year so I'm not optimistic that they will be processing mine shortly. It's been an incredibly long time since I've seen my wife and daughter, I'd rather not wait any longer than I have to. Thanks for your help.
  2. My wife just got her appointment for March 19, we got dqed 10/6/20.
  3. Congrats, my wife was dqed October 6th i hope things keep moving at this pace. The embassy briefly closed all services due to covid concerns on the 21rst then reopened the 28th of December.
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