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  1. Thanks for sharing these, I'm relieved to see this from an official source...I'm sad for many others though, like this journey isn't hard enough.
  2. Hi all, I have paid both of my fees at NVC, now I'm just waiting for somewhere to be open so I can send off up-to-date passport photos, this lockdown has really slowed the documents part down for me. Did anyone receive a letter in the mail from NVC with their numbers on or just an email? I'm also feeling anxious about this executive order Trump has announced too, I did read that immediate family members will be exempt from the immigration ban but I'll feel better once I see confirmation from the man himself...mind you, who knows when we can fly to the U.S again anyway (from Europe) Stay safe everyone.
  3. On Feb 7th it was approved and I'm not sure exactly when it was sent or received, but it took around 8 weeks to get the email. I imagine COVID-19 has delayed things a little.
  4. Youssef got approved? I missed that, very happy for you Youssef, sorry it took a lot longer than ours but now the longest part is over. 😁 Thanks also Hermise, I was about to call them on monday but apparently no need, my NVC case was created this morning (it was a nice email to wake up to) so I logged on and I've just paid my AoS fee, now to wait the couple days for the payment to clear... This feels more real now, especially since they are mailing me directly and not just mailing my wife 😎
  5. Congratulations on getting to NVC! Mine still hasn't got there yet, or at least I haven't had a letter or an email, I was thinking I'd just wait the 6-8 weeks then call (it's already been 7 weeks) but I'm not sure how coronavirus is affecting the processing. Hope everybody is staying safe.
  6. Sorry you're still waiting Youssef 😑 hopefully this next week you will hear something.
  7. Yes I can tell you need it, you've sure earned it after such a long wait.
  8. My case was approved today! Filed at Nebraska, transferred to Vermont and the PD is Feb 12th 2019. Just a heads up for anyone with a similar PD
  9. Thank you both again, hopefully I'll be seeing you in the NVC thread soon. Out of interest? are you petitioners or beneficiaries? what countries are you filing from if you're the beneficiary? I'm in the UK and the beneficiary, I have a very happy wife now haha.
  10. It's updated to approved for me now, one of the best feelings in the world and such a relief.
  11. Yeah I was confused I was just checking myself, thanks! hope you guys hear something this week, then we can all move onto the NVC stuff together, you've all been a great help.
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