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  1. We filed AOS back in February aswell, got scheduled for biometrics in March. Got cancelled due to COVID and still haven’t received rescheduling.. we’ve been waiting for 7 month now. Be patient 🙂
  2. As a first time driver’s license applicant (no experience in driving/ no foreign license), while my AOS is still pending, can I apply for a license here in Texas and what does the process look like?
  3. I’m guessing this includes moving to Hawaii aswell?
  4. Interesting.. In this case, my medical might be expiring next month! Today I went and got my vaccines updated and got my form I-693. Do you suggest sending in my I-693, or rather wait for my biometric interview and take it with me then?
  5. “Applicant electing not to be vaccinated at this examination”
  6. Hello everyone, hope someone can help.. We filed I 485 with I 765 and I 131 back in February. But didn’t include my medicals in the package, since I was still missing some vaccines. I had the medical examination in Germany back in October (so it’s about to be one year), and I’m trying really hard to find a surgeon here in the USA to file I 693 for me without having an additional examination! I’m in Houston, Tx - any recommendation? 🥺 ..when does my medical from Germany expire?
  7. Anyone that received 2 biometric appointments but no cancelation mail because of the corona virus? My first appointment was scheduled for March 25 and I just didn’t attend it (hope I did the right thing) and my second one is scheduled for next Monday. Still no cancellation mail
  8. Hey! I sent my package 2/22, got delivered 2/24 und just now received a text message saying my case was received. So it took 5 days between the package being delivered and them sending the message. Be patient 🙂
  9. Today I’m sending off my AOS package. My I-94 expires March 3 and my medical I had back in Germany was October 22, so about 4 month from now. The medical is still missing some vaccines that I’m planing on getting soon, but I won’t be able to send I-693 with the AOS. In this case, does my medical expire April 22? And what if I don’t have my interview with USCIS until then?
  10. I know I won’t be able to work yet, but can I still send out applications and go to job interview while my once I send off my AOS?
  11. Wow thank you! Just got off the phone with an USCIS agent and she didn’t seem to understand, said „it shouldn’t be an issue to send double sides prints“. Glad I didn’t send them 😟
  12. the instructions for adjustment of status say: Send single-sided copies of the application(s). does that apply for documents such as Tax Return Transcript also, or only for Form I-485, I-131, I-765 ect.? IRS sent us both sides prints of transcript, should I make single side copies of that?
  13. Am I allowed to make copies of documents such as birth certificates myself? Or should I request certificate copies to send with my AOS package?
  14. On my Form I-765 eligibility category do I type C9 or C09?
  15. May I apply for it without an current emergency? „(1) You have a pending application to adjust status, Form I-485, and you seek to travel abroad temporarily for “urgent humanitarian reasons” or in furtherance of a “significant public benefit,” which may include a personal or family emergency or bona fide business reasons.„
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