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  1. Hello, Our case is currently with the consulate in Athens. We are in the process of gathering documents to submit so we can schedule the interview. Does anyone know if the passport sized photos need to be printed on photo paper? Everything is still closed and my fiancé has no way of getting these unless he prints them himself if anyone has any suggestions it would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Hello, Does anyone know if any of the documents required for the K1 interview need to be original or if they can be photocopies? I’m mainly referring to the I-134 and NOA1/NOA2. Thanks in advance
  3. I’m a second round plaintiff and our case was sent from NVC to US Embassy in Athens today.
  4. Are you able to pm me where you found this? Thank you!
  5. Wow that’s good to hear that your case is being processed! My fiancé is actually the one in Greece. Looks like they are adding new plaintiffs to the current lawsuit and we are thinking of joining now. Thank you for the information and best of luck to you both
  6. Just curious if people have been keeping up with this case...looks like the judge issued a ruling on this on 11/19. Embassies can no longer use the presidential proclamation as the reason for not issuing K1s. Just wanted to see if anyone has contacted the NVC about this yet. Would be nice if we could all share any updates we get from them (apologies if someone else already started a thread on this)
  7. Yeah I understand at least USCIS is still processing K1 applications. I’m not sure what the processing times are now but we got our NOA2 in about 4 months. Hopefully by the time you get your NOA2 the consulates will be accepting cases and scheduling interviews again.
  8. Thank you for posting the PDF! We also did not receive any letters or emails confirming our case was received by NVC. Are they still sending Welcome Letters at this time or will they only send those out once your case is shipped to the embassy overseas?
  9. We are also kind of in the same boat. My fiancé is waiting for our case to be sent to the US Embassy in Athens, but it’s currently stuck at NVC due to Trump’s travel ban on EU . We are also hoping that we won’t have to wait long for an interview once our case gets there. What are your concerns regarding the K1 process over there?
  10. If your current NOA expires, are you able to request a new NOA2 from NVC with the new expiration date?
  11. Not sure if this will be helpful, but my fiancé is half Greek and half Danish with citizenship in both countries. We put his country of nationality as Denmark (and he was born in Greece). The form doesn’t really give an option to add multiple nationalities, but we just assumed this would be addressed during the interview. We received our NOA2 with no RFEs. Hope this helps!
  12. She can have dual citizenship if she was born in Hong Kong. My cousin also has dual Chinese (Hong Kong) and US citizenship
  13. Has anyone tried to ask their embassy to issue K1s if you are willing to spend 14 days in a non-banned country prior to entering the US? Or is there no way to get around that?
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