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  1. Hi, Any September 2019 still waiting for I-360 approval?
  2. Hello All, Any September 2019 still waiting for VAWA approval?
  3. @Stillwinning!!!😊 I appreciate your quick response. Last question pls, the one that was sent to Chicago without fee was sent this month and I am yet to hear from them. Would there be no issue sending a new one to Vermont with fee?
  4. Thank you for your response. Is it free even though the fee was waived for my I-485. Also should I send a new application to Vermont now since the first one was sent to Chicago @Stillwinning!!!😊
  5. @sandranj @Stillwinning!!!😊 please can any of you help answer this. I have a pending vawa and i485 with fee waiver for both. My attorney recently sent my EAD renewal to Chicago IL without any fee and I am yet to hear back from USCIS. I raised my concern that I was supposed to pay for EAD renewal and today he said we will send another I 765 with the fee. My question is which office is he suppose to send it to ? Is it Vermont or Chicago il. Also the first I 765 was sent this month to Chicago without fee, should I resend another one with fee and to which office thanks
  6. Hello all, I am trying to renew my EAD. Do I have to pay for this renewal? Please who has recently renewed their EAD through I-485 filed with vawa application.
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