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  1. I got my interview approved last Sept 14. I tried emailing embassy about the status of my visa cause it still says ready but they havent replied to me. All i see is that they opened my case on the 24th around the time i emailed them
  2. Yup i dont think i can get my medical until i get my passport. Cause when i register it says there i need to get a 6 months validity passport. But ill try to contact them maybe if i bring a receipt showing i am renewing my passport theyll let me get it
  3. Isnt my passport valid for less than 6 months? I dont know if i counted it right but its already August and my passport expiration is February. Im thinking if it should be okay to schedule a medical and interview at this time given the validity of my passport. While i was trying to register at the st lukes website, it says there passport should be valid for more than 6 months.
  4. Hi, We have been approved for expedite however i havent received my new valid passport yet. My old passport expires on Feb 14 2021. I have applied for a renewal of my passport 2 months ago but i havent received it yet because the processing got delayed because of COVID. I was planning to schedule my medical this month. Can i still do my medical and interview with my old passport? Thank you
  5. Hi. Doea anyone here have requested an expedite and have been approved? We have been approved for expedite today, we want to know what to do next. I have heard some people have scheduled their medical after receiving expedite approval email and then emailed the US embassy to have their interview schedule Please let me know your experiences. Thank you.
  6. Hi. Its up to you to provide enough evidence to show that your relationship is real. Someone got approved for visa despite them having just met once, they met once and decided to get married right away. The consul asked her why they got married right away, sure they get very skeptical about it but its really up to you to show them the relationship is real. Gather as much evidence as you can Dont be discouraged as long as your relationship is real and genuine, you shouldnt be scared.
  7. As you have said theyre dont have dual citizenship. Have you tried booking a ticket and being barred from entering the philippines yourself? I suggest you go to the immigration helpline ph on facebook to ask and check for yourself. Of course there are certain guidelines you have to follow if youre wife does not live in metro manila, every province here has different rules and laws for accepting certain people. I asked them myself and they said, he just needs to bring our marriage certificate and a photocopy of my passport, present it upon arrival. We got married in the philippines, we have an NSO copy of our marriage certificate, the PH government can spot if its fake or not. I dont think they care so much if youre married to two filipinas, as long as youre married to one, thats not a question here really. Here is the screenshot of the message they sent to me.
  8. Hi. Ive already asked the immigration here about this. He is allowed entry because he is my spouse, he only has to show a copy of our marriage certificate
  9. Manila. Ive lived in manila for a long time so just by knowing the name, ill probably know how much it costs that is pre corona virus times tho. Do you know where i can get a list?
  10. Yes. I know. Just trying my luck i guess. Thank you.
  11. Wow that much. Well i dont want him to spend that much, we will have to wait then until they ease up the ristrictions. I am trying to get a list of the hotels just in case.
  12. I know. He is currently in the US and has a job so he cant really come back and forth. I just want him here because we have a child and in case i do get expedited and get an interview i have someone to help me with my daughter. Just for him to pick us up. Yes i am also considering that if he cant stay for 14 days, might as well he not go. I have also found out that if they release your results early you can leave. The target is 3 to 4 days.
  13. Hi. I am from WV also. Im trying to check if i can get my husband here if in case i can be approved for an expedite interview appointment. This whole travelling thing is stressing me out too as even travelling within the country is hard, we have to get all these papers just to go. Add up to the whole problem is i have a kid with me. I am really frustrated with how the government has been dealing with the virus. I am also trying to find answers, searching through every facebook page the government has since they dont give out any complete information. It seems theyll let you go once you get the results. Though, i wonder how much do we need to pay just so they can give us the results. Given this is the philippines,if you have the money everything is fast and easy. See below one of the replies of NAIA to a person
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