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  1. And I didn’t email the embassy until around the 8 week mark. Emailing doesnt do much, they just tell you to wait. But if you have no updates by 8 weeks, it still doesn’t hurt to send out an email inquiring about your case!
  2. Hi! It took 11 weeks from the day I sent my documents until I was “Issued”. (But this was during the Christmas holidays so there were so many days when the embassy was closed) Good luck! Try focusing on being with your friends and family and preparing to move. It’ll be here before you know it!
  3. If you read my post it says I sent my documents Nov 7th. It took about 2 months to be issued!
  4. I was issued January 15th! (Just in case someone in the future is interested)
  5. Hi! My case has been in AP for about 63 days after sending out my documents for 221g. Today at 5pm when I checked ceac it changed to “Ready” Does anyone know how long it takes to change to “Issued”? If you have been through this, can I hear your experience?
  6. “AP” is administrative processing lol. How long did it take from your interview to get “issued”?
  7. Haha! I’m definitely losing my patience.. its very frustrating and mentally draining. Did you have a 221g or were you in AP after being approved at your interview?
  8. No updates today. I sent an email to them on Friday asking for status/updates as its now been 60 days. Hoping for some news this week or next!! Trying to take into account the Christmas holidays.
  9. Hey guys. I’m a May 2019 NOA2 as well. I had my interview September 25th and got a 221g for certified divorce documents. Mine were not certified. I sent my documents out Nov 6th and Montreal Embassy received them Nov 7th. It’s been 8 weeks and havent heard anything... Has anyone here gotten a 221g? How long did it take to get issued? I’m feeling so hopeless lately. 💔
  10. I have a 221g as well at Montreal (for a different reason) and I sent my requested documents on November 6th and have yet to be “issued”. It’s been 7 weeks. I’m praying it’s not much longer. Good luck to you! Its different for everyone.
  11. Yeah thats a good idea not to check! Ive been checking every day for the last 6 weeks 😅 I’m in the same boat as you! (221g but for certified copies of divorce documents) I’m assuming and hoping to be issued early in the new year. Best of luck to you and keep me informed with your progress!! 🤞🏻
  12. Glad you finally got issued!!! Congrats! What day did the embassy receive your documents?
  13. It only took a week?! Wow that’s crazy! I got a 221g and I’m on week 5 of waiting. 😓
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