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  1. Welcome back. How long were you away for and by which airport did you return?
  2. I guess there are no right or wrong answers as it concern this. I think it is instructive to check what they have been up to recently. Do you know/heard of any confirmed RECENT incident where the inadmissible was invoked?
  3. Read this; https://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/eoir/legacy/2014/07/25/3748 (final).pdf
  4. This is super relevant. Demise for PRESIDENT!!!
  5. How does one check for removal orders please?
  6. I will advise you go dressed formally. Business suit - not because USCIS demands it but you tend to come across different and I FEEL you'd be taken more seriously. We all know how we react to people in suit generally.
  7. Congratulations fam. I admire your courage and share in your testimony!
  8. I received the biometrics appointment via mail. I saw the update online by checking the USCIS website.
  9. No rfe but went for biometrics appointment on Feb 16.
  10. Yes. Mine (C09) just got approved on the 5th March, 2021. My application was received on August 26, 2020. Hold steady, it is coming.
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