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  1. If you’re a nurse I think you can go work in the states if you really wanted to rush it. I think they are expediting health care workers to help them with covid. when we first started I said max 9 months lol this July we’ll hit a year and then I’m thinking with all of the backed up interviews at the Montreal embassy, I’ll be waiting till next year for one we were sent to the NVC end of January 2020, they just looked at our account and told us to fix some stuff may 13th I think. It’s taken a couple weeks to get stuff in the mail (learn from my mistake, get the long new version of your birth certificate, I’m in Ontario and that’s what they required, I originally sent my small original copy, they did not accept.) I also got the wrong background check and they want one that’s under the privacy act and fingerprints. I made this mistake and had to just get it now. Once they review the updated documents I sent, they’ll send to the embassy and then we wait for interview! if you have specific questions with Canada to usa I may be able to help, just shoot me a message
  2. Hello! I’m also Canadian and my husband is the USC. I kept my last name when we got married because we wanted to file our paper work ASAP and not wait for all of my information to be changed. I do plan on changing it later but I don’t think that’s anything you need to worry about. we got married may 2019, filed July 25th 2019 and it’s looking like with everything closed and not sure about reopening, the entire process may take close to a year and a half to two years total. I’ve visited many many times during the process, so although it takes awhile you’re still allowed to visit (obviously once the border is open) the only requirement is that you and your spouse have met in person in the last two years at least once for your application. The other proof you have is more for the interview later on. sorry I couldn’t answer all the questions! We had a lawyer submit our papers so I’m not sure exactly how.
  3. I found this info on the website “Available. Birth certificates must be obtained from the Central Registry in Managua. In cases where a birth was never registered, a Civil Judge may, after a lawyer has executed the proper documents and testimony taken from witnesses, issue a birth certificate which is inscribed in the Civil Registry. If an applicant was registered more than one year after the date of birth, an "onlyness" certificate of birth (certificado unico o constancia unica de nacimiento) will be required. If there has been a rectification or recognition registered, the applicant will also need to provide a literal birth certificate, which lists all of the changes made to the registration of birth. In cases in which the relationship or identity of the applicant is in doubt, a baptism certificate may be requested as secondary evidence. Such a certificate must prove that the record of birth was entered in the record book for the year in which the baptism took place; the document should be authenticated by the Chancery of the Catholic Church in Managua, Nicaragua. A Supletoria of baptism is not acceptable.” if you followed what was said above. I’m not sure what the problem would be until you can see the message. Leave the message open for a few minutes. Also try to look at them at an super quiet time like between 12am-3am and see if that helps
  4. I uploaded my original certificate but for my specific region they require the updated long version. It’s all on the website and let’s you know what you need for each country
  5. I’ve had issues with this too. The only way we could see the message was at 1am when we checked. That’s been the only time. If it says “birth certificate” or any specific item in the title, they just say to go to the nvc website to see what you require for their standards.
  6. Looks like fingerprints can’t be done currently cos of the virus until further notice so I’ll have to wait for that. The hospital I was born at doesn’t exist anymore and didn’t give us a live birth so I just ordered a birth registration and updated long birth certificate. thanks for your help! You know if they push back your case when you need to reupload documents?
  7. I’m from ontario. Where do I find the privacy act police certificate? I got my police check from service Canada and apparently it’s not the correct one.
  8. im waiting and waiting and waiting lol still nothing.
  9. Hello, I've seen a post about people who have had similar situations and what they tried to load the messages with but nothing is working. Also, I'm from Ontario Canada and I got what I thought was the correct police report but it shows on my account that it is invalid. As well as birth certificate. I have the old small paper version and not the updated version in Canada. Anyone else have similar problems and can lend some advice? thank yoU!
  10. Got my NVC case number Jan 30th, USCIS approval Jan 24th 🤗
  11. Hey I saw your post about your i-130 getting approved, mine was approved yesterday from Texas Service Center so we're in the same boat. Mind if we keep in touch going further? I'm sure I'll have a lot of questions. 

    1. Meg123RD


      For sure. Let me know when you get updates for yourself & I’ll let you know when I get mine! Not sure how well I can answer questions since I have many myself.

  12. Question actually! so I checked my case number today and that’s how I found out. It said we would be receiving an approval notice with instructions. im assuming this is a letter in the mail? Who usually receives this letter? (USA citizen or their spouse or both) thanks!
  13. PD July 25th, texas NOA2 approved today!!!! jan 24th, 2020
  14. Hey everyone, was interesting in knowing about how marijuana is treated in a medical test for your immigration. If you live in Canada where it is legal, will a positive for thc affect your approval/denial to the United States?
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