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  1. Thanks alot for help.. I am confused on one point i did medical exam 22 December 2019 I got my visa 20 january 2020 to 22 june But i will travel on 20 April U mean my medical exam valid to 22 june like visa or may be visa is valid and medical exam not because its more than three months from the medical exam
  2. Hello...i need to know after gotting my visa should we got married in 3 months or on 3 months after entering USA Coz i got my visa but i will travel after 3 months
  3. The embassy replied that we should send the original of police certificate
  4. @MelOe i sent them email but they always reply on short words or links or model answer and take about 3 days to answer and am afraid because its holidays nowadays they may be late to answer and iam too late to send my papers as they didnot ask me early for sending by aramex i heard from internet and send them email to make sure they answered me that i had to do or my interview will be canceled although they didnot send me anything before i contact them ...my interview 15 january
  5. Thanks @Greenbaum we confused because they said copy of some papers and when they didn't say copy of others we afraid that they want it originals
  6. we received this email but we r really confused about number 4 -6- 7 if they need us to send them originals or copies Dear Sir. The documents should be sent before the interview or your interview that you scheduled online, will be cancelled. Please prepare the following documents for each person applying for a visa and send them to our office via Aramex courier service: 1. Photocopy of passport (the original to be submitted on the appointment date) 2. Photocopy of bilingual birth certificate 3. A copy of your bilingual divorce certificate (If previously married and divorced) 4. Police certificate from your country of nationality if you are 16 years old or older 5. Police certificate if you lived in a different country for more than 12 months and you were 16 years or older at that time. 6. An Affidavit of Support (Form I-134) signed by the Petitioner. 7. Petitioner’s most recent year of federal income taxes (form 1040 only). Please also bring the most recent W2 form and a job letter indicating current salary and length of employment 8. Medical exam for applicant as attached, medical examination report should be submitted on the day of the visa interview. Applicants are advised to schedule their medical examination 3weeks prior to the date of their visa interview. 9. Applications: DS-160 application online application form: https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/, please print the confirmation page and send it along with the documents. 10- Photograph: Please ensure your passport photo conforms to the following requirements. We will be unable to process your case without a photo that meets these standards: · Hairline showing · Taken within the last 6 months · Colored photo (no black & white) · White/light background · Full face towards the camera · No colored eye contacts · 5 cm x 5 cm · No eyeglasses Birth/ Death /Marriage or Divorce certificates - Applicants must provide a copy of their Official bilingual Birth/Marriage/Death or Divorce certificates from the Civil Status Organization headquarters. please see https://cso.moi.gov.eg/ and https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Egypt.html - Certificates are usually issued within one week period. Regards, Consular Section U.S. Embassy, Cairo
  7. @Greenbaumthanks alot u always do great effort Someone told me that aramex paper is the same paper that sent by email drictly after we scheduled our interview its titelled appointment confirmation and contained my name ,passport number , time of the interview , embassy adress, and aramex adress which i choosed as a pickup point I wish he is right
  8. @Greenbaum i searched alot and found same answer but in my case i can't reach the paper for print i did all steps and at the last step when i press continue they just write aramex adress that i choose at my dash board and never shows a paper to print ...so i put my question here i thought may be it doesn't shown for k1 visas as i have aramex adress printed on my appointment confirmation I don't know what to do 😦
  9. I need to know what is aramex paper ...is it different from appointment confirmation? Because they said that if i don't have it they will reschedule my appointment
  10. Anyone tell me all papers i need for interview k1 visa ...I'm afraid of missing something ...i didn't recieve email with the requirements i knew them from the site
  11. @Greenbaum Unfortunately its not available in my country i asked more than one place so i have to get them in us My ds 160 number appear on my appointment confirmation if i changed it will i get new appointment confirmation with the new number as they said it should match the number of the one i take to interview? Thanks for your patience
  12. when i filled my ds 160 i said yes to the question Do you have documentation to establish that you have received vaccinations in accordance with U.S. law? cause we thought i should take this with the medical examination and now when i tried to book my medical examination they told me that vaccinations are not available all over my country and they will just notice the embassy that its not available is that ok or i need to make anything about my ds 160 now or in my interview
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