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  1. I filed online and didn't have any RFE's or any special signature request except for at the end IIRC. Its a digital signature so you don't need to worry about formatting errors.
  2. Hi All, Just logged in to check and it was approved after being sent to Nebraska! I filed online Feb 2020. Is this the actual approval aka NOA2? I am so surprised and ecstatic. Truly surreal after reading so much information explaining how approvals are only going to happen in 12 months++
  3. OOPS! Can be moved to under 'procedures'. 🤐
  4. Hi all, Recently married. I apparently have some good timing considering I live in israel and can now submit our i-130/i-130a online as of Nov 2019. What should be my USCIS processing office? I read it it was the Texas office for although not sure for the online process if its relevant anymore? Thanks!
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