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  1. Hi, I wanted to start a new topic for those of us who applied using the new online application given that little is known about how this process will work. For those who are debating, the online process was super simple. You fill out an online form that basically auto-populates the I-130 PDF form that we all are familiar with and you get a download-able PDF version all filled out at the end. You are allowed to upload all you evidence as pdf or jpeg files. I did pdfs. I didn't have an issue with page/file limits as some others are mentioning but my longest file (relationship timeline) was only 9 pages long. We had the paper application all ready to go but I liked the idea of security in knowing that all the materials that were sent had arrived and I wouldn't have to stress about that. We filed and received an IOE number and notification that our case had be accepted for review the very next day. On the case status, it says that our case is "being processed at our Integrated Operating Env location". Not sure what this means but have reached out for clarification. Will let you know what I hear.
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