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    Upcoming K-1 Interview

    My fiance has an upcoming K-1 interview in RD. Since COVID was crazy in the US where I live. I came to stay with him RD and work remotely. Since then I have been recently laid-off but I am receiving a nice severance package. I have plans to return to the US but not until July. Which is 4 months after the visa is approved. I believe there is up 6months he can act on coming to the US. I do not rush and mess up things. This a major life change since I will looking for a new job and  new location to live. Since I have been financially secure the last  3 years and I am certain I will find a position soon will this have any impact on interview. I have a saved up in my investment accounts so I hope that this will be bright spot. 

  2. Hi I agree others may have posted similar topics. The outcome of my post is for others to use as a template how to frame the conversation with the elected officials.
  3. Hi Everyone! I want share what I sent to my Senators and Congress Representatives in the state of NJ. I am sharing with the community. Because if we all reach out to our elected officials this can get some visibility and traction. Please feel free to use below as an template or if you have a similar email you want share with the community. Critical mass is the only way we can see any type of positive change. I am reaching out to you because I started the petition for the K-1 visa process in July of 2019. I have provided all the necessary information and paid the necessary fees to ensure that my fiance can be ready for the interview. I have been to the Dominican Republic a total of 10 times. I have been once since the COVID-19 pandemic. I have worked with lawyers in the Dominican Republic and United States. With all my hardwork, I am only given a disappointment that they will not take interviews for legal immigration. I am a tax paying citizen and my fiance will be a citizen that will be contributing to society in the United States. We need young diverse families that ours will be. Here is where I need your help. I understand with COVID precautions need to be taken. However, in person interviews can be made if everyone wears masks and plastic screens are used between the interviewer and interviewees. In addition they can modernize the interview process with an option for virtual interviews. They verify that interviewees are the expected person with id verification. The outcome I am expecting is shed light that legal immigration through the K-1 visa process is being ignored. That there are other ways to conduct the interviews. That many patience loved ones just want to be connected to the ones they love. Please feel free to contact me at:
  4. Yes.However mines made before the pandemic shutdown. Mine should be at embassy processing but due to pandemic God only knows how long the wait.
  5. Here is a friendly thought use the stimulus check to apply for his AOS which cost around 1200. You will not have any issues in the future.
  6. Hi VisaJourney Family, I had a lawyer review all my request for evidence documentation specifically(proof of relationship and proof that he is not in a civil union). The lawyer stated it was good to send. It has been 40 days since I sent in all the information? Should I be concerned ? How can check status of if they need anything additional or approval or denial? What would you do?
  7. I have a two questions that community can help me with. 1.)I sent in the RFE 30 days ago and still not heard from USCIS and I just get directed back to my online account for status. How do I get in touch with a live person at USICS? 2.) If all is approved my fiance wants to start his own business here in the USA.Will he be restricted to start a business while he waits for all the green card approval? Let me know your thoughts.
  8. How about marriage counselling to work through your issues. There was love there once in this relationship right?
  9. I had this happen to me also. Me and my fiance worked together and he got statement of Singleness from an attorney.He got certified and he signed. He also got a letter from all friends and family that we are single and we both have a loving relationship. Signed and dated by all family and friends.
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