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  1. I’m confused. I did not get a letter from the NVC. I called and got the case and invoice numbers. Do I fill out the DS160 now or wait until the case goes to the embassy?
  2. Thank you for the information. Maybe we will be meeting in Turkey afterall.
  3. It was in August. Refer to the first page of this thread. Greenbaum gives info on everything from phone numbers to email addresses. You or your petitioner can call. Have the case number and all your information in front of you.
  4. 2 weeks to receive the case, 1 more week to assign a case number. Again, I called them for both of these. Was on hold 45 minutes, and more than 1 hour the second time.
  5. It’s possible NVC has your case number assigned after 1 week of receiving your case. I called and got ours after a 45 minute wait on the phone.
  6. My fiancée is in Russia. Maybe I won’t have any luck, but I want to get clearance into Russia. Does anyone have contact info, phone, email address of the agency that can help?
  7. Received our NOA2 today. Glad that part is over and to join this thread!
  8. We received our NOA2 today after 208 days of waiting. I wish everyone good luck who is still waiting. It’s been frustrating to wait so long for sure.
  9. Your posts give good perspective. I know many of us December filers are just frustrated seeing even March filers being approved despite the pandemic. Although I don’t see those approvals moving after NOA2 so it wouldn’t matter anyway. I wish we could all get some kind of update. Enjoy the weekend everyone.
  10. If I’m reading correctly, these people went from NOA1 to NOA2 much quicker than we are seeing. We aren’t referring to total days at this point.
  11. I believe you can submit a case inquiry today. I’m waiting until next week to submit my own.
  12. We are still waiting for our NOA2. NOA1 was Dec. 26. Im feeling the same way. My fiancée is also from Russia, and I wonder if there’s a specific reason we’re waiting so long.
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