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  1. Approved today at our Interview! I'll write a detailed post at a later point, but so glad our journey has ended (well, mostly)!
  2. I did for proof of relationship for the I-130 packet.
  3. Just received the interview appointment for my spouse at the Seoul Embassy. September 25th. 🥳
  4. DQ'd August 11th. We had to say we will bring the New Zealand background check to interview, but otherwise everything was accepted. Now waiting for an interview to be scheduled at the Seoul Embassy.
  5. Received a message from NVC about our case but couldn't read the message about my husband's New Zealand police report. Trier everything mentioned to open it, but ended up just calling NVC. After a 30 minute wait, they read the message to me. I asked him to clarify something and he legit just repeated the message to me. Very unhelpful. Anyways, an option was to put the document was unavailable and submit again, so that's what I did. He said we can bring the original with us to interview and we are going to get another background check from NZ if possible, even though we don't know what was wrong with the original. Anyone have a similar problem with background checks for other countries? Any news of the embassies waiving the background checks? (he hasn't been back to NZ for last almost 5 years.
  6. Hmmm...not many DQd this past week? It's been 2 weeks for us since submission and hope to hear something soon.
  7. Do we need to upload the evidence of domicile to the NVC portal or just bring it to the interview?
  8. Hey all, filling out the I864 and couldn't find an answer to my question. I only have foreign income, so I have to get a joint sponsor. That's all good. On I-864 part 7 is assets, it says if you're income doesn't meet the requirements you can fill it out. Well, my assets don't quite make it either, hence the joint sponsor. So, do I need to fill part 7 out? It says optional if you meet the guidelines so I'm not sure in my case. Thanks~
  9. At NVC stage and trying to upload all my AOS documents. The past few years I have worked overseas, so I know my income doesn't count and I have a joint sponsor, no problem. I'm using my past tax returns since the IRS is not mailing out tax transcripts to overseas addresses right now. NVC instructions say if you use the tax returns, to also upload the W2s. Since I'm overseas though, I don't have W2s. Do you think they want me to also upload the forms that are like year-end statements? It's all in Korean, but I guess they could still read the numbers. Anyone have experience with this?
  10. Oh, thanks. I'm now seeing that and that makes sense haha For the one tax return/transcript that is there, does it matter which one it is? Or should we put the latest one? Thanks for your quick response Quarknase~
  11. OK, I don't know if I'm losing my mind or missing something. I'm starting to upload my documents for AOS and I uploaded the first tax return and hit upload. It's showing it, but now it's only showing me the option to 'edit/add comment' and I don't see where I can add the rest of my files. Am I missing something?
  12. Yay! Congrats on the approval finally. I was on vacation the other week so just saw this. I still think the address thing is quite funny.
  13. Has any overseas filers been able to get IRS tax transcripts? The online is not working and it says they are not doing them through mail right now. I was just going to do the tax returns, but I don't even have the W2 for when I worked in the states 3 years ago (when I filed taxes, my company allowed me to electronically import it, so I never downloaded it.) Do you think it will be OK to just submit in the copy of my returns and my equivalent of a W2 from South Korea where I've been working? I already have a joint sponsor as my overseas income will not count.
  14. Yeah, I'm wondering if mine are doing the same. Both say processing but were already taken out of my account. It's been 3 days now, so hoping in the next few days it will be sorted out.
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