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  1. I am Only rememberd cause I won those cases. That was a shocking thing to them. They couldn’t even believe how I won
  2. Dont know about future. But I won going against thousands and thats a big thing. That will defenatly help me in futute not to listen people
  3. You oviously havent checked the thread. And i didnt say i won cases against you. I won GOING against you. And go check on youtube " what if i130 is denied" and you will see they are exactly following what I have done. 2-3 years back VJ members were discoursing me not to do these. I personally am handling 18 cases from my country who got denied and 13 was approved. 5 still on the way. So yes I am helping people. And I will always need help. I just filter what you people say and take the right advice. Peace!
  4. This op won 3 cases going against everone from Vj. You also don’t forget that. And thousands of people and lawyer are making videos on youtube following this op's post remember that. My thread has helped thousands. How many of urs helped? So stop cowing arround
  5. My father's intention is to make me live in usa that is why he applied for me. My intention is to study. But they will not check my heart. So they will refuse my visa. Therefore I dnt know what to do
  6. But here people are saying there is no financial sponsor available for f1 visa. But my true intention is to study. Infact for this i130 i m in the middle of a situation where i cant decide if i admit in my home coubtry or not
  7. You have money you showdd fund yourself. I dont havr money. My father does. So he cant fund me? That is the weirdest thing i ve heard
  8. U are still wrong. I belive you should research more about how international students come in usa. This is very confusing not to get perfect anwer.
  9. Yes a a student i dont have funds. My father has. So my father is my sponsor. And that is not even my question. My question is is it worth for tryting for a student visa while i130 is apprved? Will they provide me the visa or say you have immigrant intention
  10. https://yocket.com/blog/how-much-funds-bank-balance-to-show-for-us-f1-visa I dont have money so who will bear my educational expenses? My father. So he is my sponsor right?
  11. https://yocket.com/blog/how-much-funds-bank-balance-to-show-for-us-f1-visa Chekc it out. I am talking about sponsor
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