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  1. salam,  do you know ur reason for AP?

    where have you traveled outside pakistan?

    any red flags?

    best wishes. 

    1. Ahsanaziaf



      No, there was no reason for ap just for background check i have lived in dubai and traveled to one another country.

      it is normal now to put cases in ap for background check they issue the visa once it is completed.

  2. No not yet just my case was updated yesterday still waiting.... what about yours?
  3. I’m also facing the same situation just submitted new medical report on 6th jan and waiting after that. I thought after taking new medical they would issue the visa but not sure how much more time they will take
  4. Exactly normally people receive it within 24 hours but this is unusual I didn’t receive it. And true Ds5535 means extended investigation because in my case there is travel history
  5. Yeah same here it’s going to be 6 months but no update. even they told me i will receive questionnaire but didn’t get that too and no reply for the emails thanks for replying
  6. Okay so you have also not received the questionnaire did he tell you that you will receive it? but its a good sign your case is regularly updated but mine has not been updated even once.
  7. My interview was held on 21st may 2019, F2B category the co didn’t ask for any additional documents but gave the white sheet with marked second option. And said i will receive the questionnaire within 24 hours as i had travel history. since then I haven’t received the questionnaire and there has been no update on my case it is in administrative processing. Anyone else who was supposed to receive the questionnaire but hasn’t received it? secondly I’m worried as there are no updates on the case even i sent several emails but got no reply. Any idea what can possibly be the reason?
  8. Guys can anyone confirm if taking back passport during ap slows down the process? if anyone has taken their passport back for traveling can they confirm please?
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