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  1. The crazy part about this is that embassies in India are open! They are currently much worst than Brazil on their Covid situation but embassies are processing even tourist visas... Doesn't make sense to me
  2. I really wonder how you guys are dealing with everything. The nasty attitude and selfishness towards others problems around VJ is insane these days. I would never think that me sharing a link of some petition would create some negative reaction as it did. Adding facts and sharing information is absolutely necessary but there's a difference between complementing the narrative to support it and comment in a patronizing way. As i say this right now i see other topics with people talking about their own experiences with their embassies, talking about it being closed and not doing emergency interviews. I know that my embassy is 100% closed for 5 months and wont open until september (and as I said before, doesn't impact me because im not there yet) and this are people sharing their experience and others instead of empathize they come with a government link trying to force their truth (that everybody knows it's the theory, but not happening in reality). I always saw VJ as a support group with information from people going through the same hard time, supporting and informing, now it's just attacking without a real reason. When you say: YOUR CASE IS NOT AN EMERGENCY, or YOU JUST HAVE TO WAIT, that can break that person's mental health. Instead of saying something patronizing and rude, why not be quiet? Or try saying something nice? realism is absolutely necessary but without a LITTLE hope and kindness people will be driven crazy. also, some people are supporting nonsense in here are the same ones complaining about people's nasty attitude in other topics, im not here to fight or force my truth on anyone, i was simply sharing a freaking link
  3. Hahaha if you think looking for more information/education is a bad thing there's nothing i can do to help you 🙂 anyway. I simply shared a link of something i think could give hope to people, i signed the petition even considering the chances that it might not have any real affect at all. Whoever is here criticizing and trying to put people down need to think if your frustration with your current situation is worth erasing hope for others. enough with this nonsense negativity.
  4. I know that instead of signing a petition to support the opening the embassies and avoid even worst backlog for all you're here justifying not taking action at all 🙂 peace
  5. ONLY benefit spouses and children? Its funny how people are so selfish that can't think how urgent its a situation if they are not in it. If signing up an online petition that would take 1 minute to benefit ONLY some people i would do, even though i wont be impacted by it because im not there yet. Also, not all embassies are doing emergencial interviews. Educate yourself.
  6. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/open-us-embassies-around-world-family-sponsored-immigrant-visa-interviews
  7. He didn't file for 2017 and 2018 even though he was required to. The wages transcript would be to back file those years.
  8. Hey guys, i really dont know what to do anymore... i asked this before but im just kinda hoping to find someone on the same situation that me and my husband, there's no way that we are the only ones stuck like this... My husband and I are about to start the NVC step of but he didn't file taxes for the past 3 years. He filed for 2019 but the 2 priors he didnt even though he was supposed to. The problem is that now IRS is not mailing the wages transcripts we would need to back file those years and he cant get them online because doesn't have a credit card or any other kind of credit. Can we still file the i864 and write a letter explaining? We will have his father as a joint sponsor with us Is anyone else with the same problem? I really dont know what to do. We were approved from USCIS on april 6th and until now we are stuck.
  9. Hi, i need help with a question about taxes. Do you think you can help me?
  10. Hey guys. Me and my husband we got our i-130 approved 5 days ago and received our NVC case number on the same day. Unfortunately we lost our jobs because of Corona and had to spend our savings, so won't be able to pay the fees and start to upload our documents yet. We were not expecting an approval before september so it we were totally off guard... My question to you guys is the following: my husband is usc and unfortunately his taxes situation is not very organized. He was able to file for this year but the past 2 years he didn't with no real reason for it. He will contact an accountant to try and get this done as soon as possible. His dad will be our joint sponsor, so my question is: when we eventually have the money to pay the fees, should we go ahead having the taxes information just for 2019 or wait until we have the previous years? I saw some conflicting information about this since his dad will provide his information also.
  11. Nice! I hope its good news for you. My case was approved way before than what i thought and i was thinking since it was approved in advance i would have to wait longer to get my case number at NVC but on the same day i got everything. Looks like things are speeding up for IOE cases
  12. Guys!!! We are beyond happy! Our case was approved this morning: *I-130 sent on 09/04/2019 * I-129f sent on 19/09/2019 *I-130 transferred to California Service Center on 02/23/2020 without notification. Found out through Emma Chat. *I-130 date update to 03/24/2020 Was told that was background check by Emma chat *I-130 date update to 04/03/2020 *I-130 approved on 04/06/2020
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