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  1. Thank you. yup; it took a while but we got there!!
  2. after 11 weeks of waiting our RFE was approved. we were sent an email. The website however hasn’t changed.
  3. We are only reading a handful of “quickly processed visa” stories. The reality is there are thousandsssssssssssssss of applications received every month. Best advice is do not compare your story to anyone else’s. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
  4. Just sit back now and wait; otherwise you’ll keep calling and being told the same thing. you will hear.
  5. Collate ALL the information they have asked for ☺️ Good luck
  6. He did yes. He simply won’t chase again. he’s been informed the information I relayed above and he’s not wasting more time calling back to be told the same thing. there is nothing more to say to him. He waited 14 mins for a call back so was quick.
  7. You can start to chase from the 90 day period if you haven't had a decision about your RFE.
  8. So my fiancé rang and got through to a Tier 2 officer. He said that we are still within the processing time - it takes up to 7 months to get an approval. THIS IS WHERE THE CONFUSION LIES RE THE 60 DAYS. The 60 day limit is the date which you chase the USCIS to check if they have received your RFE. They don't have to give you a decision to the RFE within the 60 days. Hopefully next month we will have an answer!!
  9. I will let you know what he is told today!! Eeekkkkkkkk…..
  10. My fiancé is chasing tomorrow as it will be 60 days exactly since we received the RFE.....I really didn't think it would get to us having to chase! But here we are. Hopefully we will have an answer!!!!
  11. Many many congratulations. Wishing you a smooth relocation and a very happy life together xxx
  12. The waiting is making me feel so anxious now I am flying to see my fiancé next Saturday for 2 weeks. Woo Hoo.
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