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  1. It shall be well everyone! Everything with this Covid-19 epidemic will pass before this month is over in Jesus Name Amen!
  2. Letter from joint sponsors and original tax transcripts
  3. No I didn’t have to book the first appointment. Got a email with appointment date.
  4. Has anyone been asked to submit documentation via DHL then asked to schedule a second interview? When i try to get the interview it says no appointments available at this time. Anyone know when they schedule interviews for Accra for 221g?
  5. I'm also on adminstrative processing but with embassy accra ghana. Was told to submit documentation with passport to dhl sent it. 2 weeks later received email stating they want us to book a second appointment. Have been checking to book keeps saying no appointment available anyone had this happen or advice?
  6. We where asked to book a interview but everytime we go to book it says no appointments available. Anyone know when appointments are usually available for Accra?
  7. im guessing it looks sketchy to them if you take that long like what where you waiting on?
  8. For the AP is there a time period you have to submit the items they are asking for after the interview?
  9. Was asked to bring a Letter from my sponsers explaining specific plans to support my husband. Any idea what exactly that want in the letter? The sponsers are my parents.
  10. It says my recieved date on the paper work as 07/13/2018 and it says my notice date is 07/05/2019 so not sure which one to use as the sent date and the noa1 date or am i suppose to try and remember back to when i put the paperwork in the mail to send it to USCIS.
  11. You are so right. I miss him like crazy and will be more then happy to be done with immigration stuff for awhile. We have it in our plans to move states would you recommend to do that after the ROC or we can do it in the 2 year time frame. Also i was trying to file out my timeline and for some reason keeps saying the dates i put in i think contradict. I think it was the question asking when you filed your I130 i was putting in the date i sent it to uscis but then the date that i got my noa1 is to far off or something idk.
  12. You are deff right. Will deal with that hurdle when we get there. Thank you for the insight.
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