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  1. Aw thats quite a lot lol thanks so far I haven't gotten any additional information about uploading or bringing in transcripts but ill have him take it anyways. Your husband n mines running all over trying to get things right. Well best of luck to the both of you!
  2. Thank you , so far no they haven't required me to although I believe I will have to send updated tax return.
  3. Thank you! Yes its about time right ✅ 👏
  4. Hey everyone just an update whoever Dq 2019 my husband has finally gotten his IL for October.. we were Dq Aug 31 2019🙂☺
  5. Sorry for late reply I rarely get on here nowadays 🥺, but no not yet I’m still waiting. I believe they canceled interviews back in June due to “covid” so they say. And that was for DQ year 2019 as of now I slightly gave up hope on Haiti embassy just waiting on that surprise IL email some day lol.
  6. I know right! It’s so sad 😞 and emotional wait. I’ve done expediting multiple times lol they dont care about it I guess but if you got a good enough reason go for it😌
  7. @MadamG last I seen on fb as well someone Dq Aug,19,2019 interview is in June!... I’m hope to be in the next wave 🌊 I’m dq in August 2019
  8. Nothing yet I guess since now they are doing other visa types it has slowed up for us IRs once again 🥺.
  9. I’m currently still waiting on this long boat 🚣 ride to end DQ Aug 31 2019!
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