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  1. @USS_Voyager, @HRQX, @Boiler, and @SusieQQQ Thanks for the advice. What you all said is pretty much what I was thinking.
  2. Hi everyone, About six months ago I applied for an F1 visa to study in CA and be with my girlfriend. The plan was for me to finish my schooling by obtaining my teaching credential in the USA so we wouldn't have to do long distance. I could get a teaching credential in Europe (where I'm from), but we figured it would be nicer to be together while I study. To our surprise I was denied the visa. The officer said I couldn't adequately prove I was going to leave the USA after the program finished. I was very honest with the officer at the US embassy, and when they asked if I knew anyone in the USA, I told them my girlfriend was living there. I guess they didn't want to risk me over-staying my visa after my studies were done. I had honestly planned to leave the USA after the program finished and then go down the route of the K1 visa with my girlfriend. However, since I was rejected the F1 visa, we are now considering doing the K1 visa sooner rather than later so we can be together. We figure I can go to school after the K1 visa process is complete, then I can get a job and we can live our lives happily ever after. In the mean time, I would love to visit my girlfriend using a B2 visa I got about one year ago at the same embassy. The B2 visa I got says it is valid for ten years, multiple entry. However, I am worried if I try to go visit my girlfriend I will be turned around at the airport and sent home. Is this a valid fear to have? Will the immigration officer see that I have been rejected the F1 and think I am trying to get into the USA to stay without returning home? Any opinions or advice from people who have had a similar situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!
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