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  1. Congratulations @StellaRaMona !! Best of luck with your future in the US We're stuck waiting for our interview. We sent in our Notice of Readiness on March 19th but have to wait until interviews resume. Anyone else here in the same boat as us?
  2. Hello, 


    My fiancé (Ireland) and I (US)  are in a similar situation.  I found you on the timeline and it looks like you filed your Notification of Readiness around the same time. We received an email back saying that they are not accepting interviews at this time and they will contact us directly... We have not heard back and have not been able to find information about when they will be opening back up for interviews. I assume May 5th, when lock down has been lifted in Ireland, but who really knows. Just want to reach out and see if you've heard anything. 


    Thanks for whatever you can share with me, and hope you're staying safe out there.🙂

    1. Ben and Jen

      Ben and Jen

      Hi TP & RK, 


      We received the same email after sending our Notification of Readiness. We haven't heard anything from the embassy since then. From what we've read here on VJ, our NOA2 should get automatically renewed when it expires. Aside from that, we just got to hold tight and hope this blows over as soon as possible so we can close the distance. Just out of curiosity, did you receive your packet 4? (On your timeline it says you did).


      Take care, 

      Ben and Jen


      P.S. Here's the text of the email if you want to compare it to yours, but it's probably the same:


      Dear Applicant,


      Thank you for your notice of readiness submission. We can confirm receipt. As of March 16 2020 the United States Embassy in Dublin has cancelled routine Immigrant and Nonimmigrant visa appointments. We will resume routine visa services as soon as possible but are unable to provide a specific date at this time. Our office will contact you directly when we are in a position to provide you an appointment. The MRV fee is valid and may be used for a visa application in the country where it was purchased within one year of the date of payment.


      Kind Regards,
      IV Unit


    2. TP & RK

      TP & RK

      Hello again,


      Ahh yes so exactly the same boat, that is exactly the same email reply we received back. /: And no I have not received packet 4, I think I put the date in the wrong area, I will change that. 


      Thank you for responding and if you can touch base if anything changes that would be much appreciated, we will do the same!

    3. Ben and Jen

      Ben and Jen

      Hi @TP & RK,


      Sounds good, we'll drop you a line if we hear anything changes. 


      Tá súil againn cloisint uait, slán agus beannacht :)


      Ben and Jen

  3. Hi Greenbaum, Thank you for the very good reply. We never thought about the NOA2 validity as an issue. We will move forward with the visa processing with that in mind. We are still finalizing our paperwork before submitting the Notice of Readiness, so your advice has helped us before we make the next step.
  4. Hi everyone, My fiance and I are looking for some advice based off of the current pandemic. My fiance just completed the medical exam 2 weeks ago (Feb. 28th) and we're wondering whether or not to proceed with scheduling the interview (we haven't submitted the Notice of Readiness or DS-160 yet). We thought we could wait out this craziness but realized that the validity of the medical exam is going by each day that we're waiting. So, we've come up with 2 options: Option 1: We continue as planned and schedule the interview, assuming they're still being held. If all goes well, we'll have to enter the US 6 months after Feb. 28th. We're crossing our fingers the travel ban will be lifted soon. Option 2: Don't schedule the interview knowing that the medical will expire in 6 months and do the medical again if needed. Your thoughts/advice? Thanks so much in advance!
  5. I just had my medical today I'll wait for the results to be ready for collection before completing the DS-160 and submitting my notice of readiness. The results may take two weeks so I'm guessing I won't interview for approximately another month.
  6. @Greenbaum Thanks again, and we will let you know if anything is different once we get to the P3 stage.
  7. @Greenbaum We received our NOA2 notification online and are waiting for the physical copy to arrive. In the mean time we are looking over your PDF and this thread to stay informed and prepare. Just one question - do you have a copy of the P3 for Ireland? Thank you for all your help and guidance.
  8. We second that Case Tracker app. It's really good. That's how we first found out about the NOA2 and then checked the USCIS website to confirm.
  9. We got our NOA2!!!! Woke up this morning, checked the app, and it says the case was approved! Right before Christmas as well! Best Christmas present everrr!! NOA1: 9/18 NOA2: 12/23 97 days
  10. Hope it's an easy fix! Stay positive and think of a happy future!
  11. @NancyNguyen It's definitely possible in Ireland? Do you know someone who did this in Ireland or can you link me to some information? I'm finding it hard to get good information on this. Thanks!
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