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  1. Hello everybody, I have a question regarding cosponsor: my father in law who is going to help us with the financial requirements of the process doesnt live physically with us, but he claimed my partner as his dependant on his last tax returns. I am confused whether we should have him do another i864 as a joint sponsor or if we should do a i864A considering him as a household member whose income is going to be combined. I think he should be a joint sponsor but i dont know if we would still have to include his income as part of our household considering he has claimed my partner on his tax return the previous years. I would appreciate your help! Thanks
  2. Hello everybody and thanks for your help.9 So i just realized on my marriage licence (which is going to be the certificate) they only got on my "full name" my first name and paternal last name, but on my passport, k1 visa and SS Card it is shown as my full name: my first name, middle name, paternal and maternal last name. I am working in AOS documents and I want to make it match with my passport and visa information (I am not changing my last name), do you think it will be a problem if the marriage licence / certificate dont match quite exactly with the other documents?. This is what it would look like: Passport / k1 visa / SScard: first name, middle name, paternal last name, maternal last name (I am considering this info for AOS forms) Marriage licence / certificate: first name, paternal last name Thanks a lot
  3. Hello everyone, I have a question, I am currently gathering documents to submit with AOS and after reading different threats I am confused, If I have gone through a medical exam abroad already in order to get my K1 visa and have my DS-3025. Do I still need to fill I-693? I went through the medical exam in October 2020 and Ill probably be sending everything to USCIS begginning of next month. Thanks a lot for your help!
  4. Hello everybody, So I am flying to the USA on my k1 visa next week. My fiancé already has his W2s and is ready to fill taxes, what we don’t know is weather he has to do it now or wait until I am there and we get married. ( I already have a (US) SSN ) so he can fill his taxes as married and claim me as a dependent? What do you guys think? thanks !
  5. Hello everyone, I have a question, me and my husband are going to do AOS and are trying to complete form i-944, my question is, We don't know if we should include our co sponsor which is my father in law in our household size and therefore in part 3 household member's financial status, To give you a little bit of context, we are not living physically with him in the same house, but he claimed my husband as his dependent in his most recent tax returns and he is also helping us as a co-sponsor. Thanks a lot for your help!
  6. Hello everybody, I have a question, for those applying for AOS in 2021, so far, are there any updates on the fees one needs to pay? I've been trying to look for information online but I have not found anything new, Do you know if it is still just one payment of $1,225. (AOS fee $1,140 + Biometrics fee $85), which includes forms I-765 and I-131 as well. I would appreciate your help, Thanks!
  7. I do not think your depression is going to make you inadmissible. I am also medicated with antidepressants / anxiolytics and went through the medical exam without any problems and got my K1 visa approved. During the appointment they asked me about the meds I take, (since they make you write a list of current medications you take if you do) and I explained briefly without giving too much details why I take them (definitely the doctor knew what they were for). They did not ask for details but one of the questions they asked me was if i had ever seen a psyquiatrist / psychologist or had tried hurting myself before. Just answer with the truth but not give too much details if they do not ask for them. I suppose is under the doctor's discretion if they want to send you to see another specialist. But in my case it did not happen. I was also afraid my mental condition could have been an issue during the exam and that I was going to be asked about it during the embassy interview but it all went smooth. Don't be afraid to apply, show them you are doing a lot better! Hope I could help you with my experience.
  8. I meant the issue date, just to make sure even if this EO affects those with a K1 visa, if the issue date on mine is the actual date i had the interview (March 13th) it wold make me a lot less anxious!. Sadly CEAC says still "Ready for interview" which means they have not updated it, also the status on that other website where i scheduled my interview says "appointment" (apparently they have not updated it either) Thanks for the answer.
  9. If I had my k1 visa interview March 13th (i still have not gotten my passport since it was a friday and the lockdown here started monday 16th), will the date on the visa be the day of the interview or a later date when the embassy reopens?. Also should I expect it to be on its way to DHL or still at the embassy?. Thank you!
  10. So this would technically mean anyone with a K1 visa is still going to be able to enter the USA and that this ban does not apply because is a non-inmigrant visa-? I hope this is true and makes sense.
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