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    MrsObinyan19 reacted to Justxxxx in Public Charge Rule is BLOCKED   
    Public charge rule is public charge rule it dose not matter wether for uscis or consulate. The court blocked the rule simple.
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    MrsObinyan19 reacted to Lucky Cat in K1 Visa... to file or not?   
    The queue is getting longer every day......but have you considered the CR-1?
    Every couple has their own priorities, and each couple must decide which visa is better for their situation.
        Slightly faster arrival in the US 
        More expensive than CR-1    
        Requires Adjustment of Status after marriage (expensive and requires a lot of paperwork)    
        Spouse can not leave the US until she/he receives approved Advance Parole (approx 5-6 months)    
        Spouse can not work until she/he receives EAD (approx 5-6 months)    
        Some people have had problems with driver licenses, Social Security cards, leases, bank account during this period    
        Spouse will not receive Green Card for many months after Adjustment of Status is filed.
        A denied K-1 is sent back to USCIS to expire
        Slightly slower arrival in the US 
        Less expensive than K-1    
        No Adjustment of Status(I-485, I-131, I-765) required.    
        Spouse can immediately travel outside the US    
        Spouse is authorized to work immediately upon arrival.    
        Spouse receives Social Security Card and Green Card within 2 or 3 weeks after entering the US    
        Opening a bank account, getting a driver's license, etc. are very easily accomplished with GC, SS card, and passport.
        Spouse has legal permanent Resident status IMMEDIATELY upon entry to US.
        Intent to deny can be rebutted and reviewed.

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    MrsObinyan19 reacted to Cham777 in potomac center processing time update   
    I have notice the changes, too. I will be praying with you.
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    MrsObinyan19 got a reaction from Binbin22 in potomac center processing time update   
    This is insane Im just hoping its not true, it is very confusing because we  file in jan, 2020 filer and nothing yet but im seeing approvals from cases after us 
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