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  1. Online status just says approved, does not say "sent" I called uscis and they told me that is has not been mailed yet. Called nvc just to see what they say, they say they don't have it (obviously) Going on 7 weeks now beginning to think they lost our info or forgot about us...
  2. So I am coming up on 60 days since I recieved my noa2... any advice? Just keep waiting??
  3. Sure would be convenient if they would send the petition to nvc at the same time they mail you the noa2.
  4. So I received NOA2 Nov. 1st and I called uscis to check status today. Hasn't been mailed yet. Is it normal to have gotten NOA2 28 days ago and they still haven't mailed the petition to nvc??
  5. 130 went to Phoenix lock box then was sent to Potomac. Not thinking I sent the k3 to Potomac.. does it have to go to a lock box first? No copies since it was so simple. Triple checked for errors yes
  6. So I sent my wife's k3 application to where her 130 application is being processed at potomac.... how bad did I screw up?
  7. Thanks everyone, got it. Complete waste of time to try to file for k3. Awesome
  8. Where do you get your numbers? Just curious.. I'm sure not everyone uses Visa Journey...
  9. I know this is a forum full of people who have been separated from their loved ones.. The man asked "why bother" I was simply giving him an answer. Thanks for the contrast 👍
  10. Just to try anything to be with my wife sooner.. Even if it was a 2% possibility that it would help The entire process is a pain and stressful af
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