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  1. This scripted nonsense just shows how far producers will go for a quick $. I'm sure the participants are in on it and are recompensed for their efforts to ham up the melodrama, however it kind of goes away from the original premise of showing what the process is like for a K1 visa. Not informative in that sense. Now it's just the pitfalls of long distance relationships with cultural divides, misunderstandings/ miscommunication etc. Theres nothing factual in these shows that would have a practical help on those embarking on the visa journey. I think all of us watching happily do do knowing we are not all in basket case marriages! Ps have to mention Liam.... waaaah waaah waaah there's no money for me if she stays with you.. I'm sure I heard him say that his mother has "got to look after me". He's in his 20's! How long is she supposed to be supporting his sorry behind? I would be gutted if my child ever came up with that reasoning into adulthood.
  2. There are questions on the N400 on whether you are in the current US army I believe. However I know later on it does ask questions on whether you have had any other military training of any sort. Enlisting alone doesn't co statute training but if it's a requirement that you will need to undertake such training before your N400 process is complete then there may be implications. I could be wrong in some of the above! If it's national service type stuff I font think that is seen as a negative.
  3. All grossly exaggerated caricatures of themselves. I guess this kind of drivel sells!!
  4. Thanks so much, I geeked out over some of this information. "Friendliest" cities to N400 applicants appear to be Newark, New York, San Fran, San Jose, Santa Ana and Seattle.. only a rough guide. The denied column also includes withdrawn applications which could mean those where people have applied too early, applied without satisfying the 3 month residency at current address rule etc. ps was just looking at 2nd Q data from last year as it was the first report listed on webpage. Things might look different now. Edit Yes things sure have changed.., latest report switches out some of those cities above. I'm sure lots change qtr by qtr.
  5. Well I need to look at the form again then as I saw nowhere on it where it asked me to put a number of how many marriages my spouse has had. At least I know I have to put a 1 in a box if it comes up 😆
  6. Inputting a number doesn't come up on the online form. It phrases the question like this. I'm guessing if you click yes it will request details of previous marriages etc. The questions before asks for date of marriage to my spouse therefore I guess at that point behind the system it will place a 1 in a box somewhere! Has your current spouse been married previously? Include annulled marriages, marriages to other people, and marriages to the same person.
  7. Hello community me again! Looked at the guide and it says in your packet (or upload if doing it online) I should show documents referring to spouse, such as birth certificate of child OR IRS tax returns / tax transcripts for the last 3 years. My Q is if we have a child do we need the IRS stuff? I know it can't hurt but would need to request these transcripts, which takes time etc. Is it critical to have them or could I just take them along to the interview? Anyone use any other evidence.. utility bills, leases, nominated beneficiary on insurance etc. Despite being here a while we really don't have a lot of things in both our names to be honest. A credit card and the water bill I think! Any help is appreciated.
  8. Thank you both for your responses. Wonder if there are any stats on the % of N400 denials and the reasons for them. Not sure if the general public would have any interest in them, however as immigrants who are going through these processes there might well be an appetite (if only to worry yourself unnecessarily!)
  9. If that is the case then yes a non issue. I did not know that was the case. A non frequent flyer here! Thanks for the useful information.
  10. What I would say OP is, start to get yourself clued up on all matters concerning USCIS immediately! Don't rely on your wife or the lawyer alone. You don't want to find yourself in a position where you transgressed the law! Ignorance will not be a defence you can use. It looks like from your last post that having come into the country via a B1/B2 visa that you do have a path to achieve your/her aim of permanent residency. Intentions at the time of entering are not relevant, she was let in! Somebody going to pull up the notes of the CBP? Doubtful in my opinion. Fully understand the implications of what you are embarking on, for your own good. Best of luck
  11. Not sure if several posters were being well meaning or just scaremongering in terms of the OP husbands status. There is genuine fear with all the new rules and seemingly tighter restrictions on citizenship etc.. My take is that IF a person overstays their visa and you happen to be in a committed relationship then living together is a no no as you are aiding and abetting someone who's violated their original visa according to some people's opinion. On the flip side, should you then want to AOS etc with this "overstayer" how are you going to prove you have a genuine relationship? as lots of the evidence people take are bills, leases etc io them living together. It might be just me not getting it. Reading through the thread I do see why the OP became frustrated as it may look to her like people are ready to pounce and take glee from the apparent transgressions that "may" have occurred. OP did their best to keep it on topic to the specific help that was being requested. Having said that we should all be mindful of our responses, this medium is very difficult to ascertain anybody's true intentions, it might be genuine concern or it might not be. Have a thicker skin, you can choose to take the advice they were offering or leave it. My personal opinion, you have nothing to concern yourself with, you've hidden nothing on the forms. Everybody (on countless boards has said during interview time, answer only the questions asked, don't offer up more than is needed) That in mind, have you done anything illegal? I can't say but I wouldn't worry about obtaining the services of lawyers etc as some have suggested, it's a step too far. as for the forms... we are talking minimal effort in downloading and inputting the information you already have, to what you will know is definitely the most up to date forms.... why risk it? I think you are resigned to having your husband completing a new I-693... put it down to a learning experience! Dont be put off asking further questions... remember though you might not always like the responses you receive! best of luck
  12. Let's all be mindful that not everybody has exposure to the rich cultural tapestries that exist in the world. That doesn't mean anyone is ignorant, just not aware of it.... yet. nice choice of comedic medium to enlighten others... informative with a chuckle!
  13. Sorry, fell down a rabbit hole.... was quite peculiar down there.
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