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  1. Lockbox response after submitting AOS paperwork is taking much longer than usual. For my husband, it took 23 days to get the NOA letter and text confirmations, and payment had been processed a few days prior. Prior to COVID, our K1 visa paperwork took a week to get a response letter and text confirmation. UCSIS seems to be behind or working with limited staff at the moment.
  2. My fiancé, did not want to take risk, with EU travel ban. Our visa expires early June. He decided to take a flight Monday morning from Ireland. I’m so relieved he is here given all the uncertainty.
  3. Looking for advice on Part 3 of the I-134 Form. This section asks for Sponsor's Employer, Income, and Assets. I have substantial annual income and savings. Given this, I am not sure if it is necessary to answer additional questions regarding assets and real estate. For folks who have been in similar situation, did you answer the following sections? And did you provide supporting documentation/evidence? Really just trying to determine if necessary to provide this info. Would like to avoid the extra work for providing evidence for these sections if not an absolute must. I am wondering if necessary to provide the following: 5. Value of Personal Property- should i include value of cars and other large assets I own? And if you have done so, what kind of documentation, if any, did you provide as evidence? 7a. Life insurance Sum - I do have life insurance but not sure if necessary to list here? If you have listed your life insurance, did you provide documentation for this? 8a. and 8b. Real Estate - Should I list home value and my mortgage? For folks that have done so, did you provide evidence to support this? Would an appraisal from previous re-fi suffice? And/or should I add comps of similar homes in my area that have sold recently? I have already included information of my mortgage with my bank statements/documents. Thank you! i-134 (1).pdf
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