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  1. God I hope so . My sister is waiting for interview in Mumbai too. She is so low about the wait. I just wish you both get your emails tomorrow. Still a working day in the US
  2. Reaching out to all F2A visa applicants can you please advise how long it took for your visa to be processed. please advise 1) your country 2) date case filed 3) Your priority date 4) CC date 5) interview letter date 6) interview date looking to get as much information for Mumbai consulate. Info from other countries will be appreciated too so I can have a bit of comparisons. thank you
  3. Hi what date exactly was your case completed? Coz previously you said that your CC on July 30 can you please confirm
  4. Congratulations. You must be really happy now. Now you and your sister can both move to the US together Congratulations and good luck with your interview
  5. Is your interview in Mumbai? keep us posted about the interview questions
  6. @Sukhi Jassar did you get your interview letter? If yes, what date is your interview?
  7. When was your case completed? what date is your interview?
  8. Hi is your friend’s case also F3 visa category? can you please let us know what questions were asked ? Thanks
  9. The submitted date will be sept 19. But it’s a lot better than having to resend and wait for another 4 weeks. Wish i I had done the same for my sister. good luck to you
  10. Hi how was your sisters interview today? What questions did they ask her ? Has her visa been approved? Did they give her any sealed packet after the interview?
  11. Yes that’s when you have your interview. What date did you get an email advising you about your interview?
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