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  1. Congratulations !!! We also received our visa yesterday, many thanks to people who assisted in one way or another in the forum,and good luck to those who are waiting. Hope and pray you get your IL soon. Thank you once again!
  2. Congratulations 😊😊 I finally got it too Pd : may 2007 India f3 Cc: 7 th October 2019 Interview date: 3rd December at London
  3. Hi Has your sister received IL letter? Has anyone here received their IL ,VB out yesterday, my pd was current in July but still awaiting IL. Kindly please update.thank you
  4. My pd 30th may 2007 India f3 CC October 7,2019 Awaiting interview letter
  5. Hi Is your case completed by NVC? What's your pd ?
  6. Congratulations 😊 When is your interview and which country?
  7. Exactly my point! I hope someone here updates their interview dates so we can figure out. Thanks for your reply.
  8. Hi Have u got any updates from NVC? September bulletin is out today and it shows interview dates of September 2007, however in the forum the last updated dates were Nov 2006 PD people got interview date ,if anyone has any updates on interview dates please do let us know. Thanks
  9. Please update here once you receive interview date. Anyone here who gets their interview dates please kindly update as it will help to work out our waiting time. Thank you
  10. Hi I added my kids couple of months before we received our WL and they took almost three weeks to add them. I suppose they will take the same time. Hope this helps.
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