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  1. Thanks everyone for your input. I learned something new today!!
  2. Oh.. I was under the impression that once i marry within 90 days (which I have) i could concurrently file. thank you for the info. Appreciate it!
  3. Thank you. However we currently still allowed to concurrently file i-130, i-485, travel document and work permit and not have to pay individually for each form?
  4. Hi all! Does anyone know if the administration has already increased application fees for adjustment of status? Is concurrently filing still a thing? Any insight is greatly appreciated :)
  5. In the exact same position as you!! Coming from the UK also. I’m besides myself with anxiety in regards to this. I have a great career in hospitality and have job links in my fiancé’s city, so I’m hoping that this will outweigh most obstacles.
  6. I have found out you will have to file I-1944 with I-485, making applying for and EAD almost a catch 22
  7. I know. But one of the questions on the new I-1944 asks for your EAD number. If you are filling altogether then you have no chance of receiving it before filing aos and filling the form. it’s as if you haven’t got the opportunity to prove you can work and won’t become a public charge
  8. When is it best to apply for your work permit in regards to public charge form? Does the public charge form have to be concurrently filed with the i-485 or can we apply for work permit first? Whats the best way to go about the new Public charge criteria? this is all very overwhelming and would like some guidance into the best way to approach this next major step. Matilda 🙂
  9. Thank you. So the fact that it’s publicly funded won’t be an issue? Because any public cash can be seen as a negative factor
  10. Hi all!! So as we all know the public charge rule is going into affect on Feb 24th. Another stressful entity to add to an already stressful journey. My fiancé served in the US Marines and now receives disability from the VA. He works and I will start working once I get my permit/green card (whichever comes first). Will his disability check count against us in our application in regards to public charge?? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Matilda 🙂
  11. This is so tragic. I think your best option is to apply for a K1 visa. It’s a non-immigrant visa but treated like an immigrant visa if you want to get married. But only do it you if you are ready to make the commitment. As you already have a tourist visa it should be fine to travel. The ban is only aimed at those applying for an immigrant visa, to my understanding. Good luck 🍀
  12. Hey VJ fam!! Just wanted to send an update to you all. I had my interview yesterday.. and I’m am very happy to say that I was granted my visa abd I wasn’t asked for any evidence lol!! Thank you all for your help and advice... thanks for being a part of my journey so far!!
  13. Thanks for the advice.. I appreciate it. I will use the average rule to answer that question 🙂
  14. But there is a question on the I-134 for asking about the total balance of all accounts. And my fiancé’s balance is quite low due to his financial obligations, even though he makes a decent living
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