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  1. Please keep posting if anyone will get IL for cc date in June 2019.
  2. Is NVC told anything about when we can expect IL for cr1/ir1?
  3. Who is updated? Could u please tell which timeline u r talking about?
  4. As per the above mentioned spread sheet , someone who got interview in 6th of September in Mumbai who’s cc date is July 18 2019 and F2A category . Mine is 28th June and cr1 category . How it’s possible that cc date July got the letter early and and still we are waiting. 😞
  5. Bgb

    NVC to Mumbai

    May be but I heard that everything will come in our email.lets see. Please let me know once u get ur interview mail so that I can predict my interview date also😊
  6. Bgb

    NVC to Mumbai

    I am not sure that we will get the letter through post or not? I know that we will get email only , saying the interview date.
  7. Bgb

    NVC to Mumbai

    Have u got the interview letter? My DQ date is 28th June 2019. Still now no news from nvc😞
  8. Bgb

    NVC to Mumbai

    Have u got the interview letter?
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