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  1. Finally got my interview schedule on the 21st. Got it almost a month after i sent out an expedite request 😍🙏🏻
  2. it says INA requirements hmmm i wonderwhat could that be. I hope you guys gets approved soon! 🙏🏻
  3. you guys received a 221g, did they require you to submit certain documents after? maybe they need for you to submit a joint sponsor if your income didn’t pass poverty guidelines. Public charge rule is currently on hold tho’
  4. me keeping my fingers crossed thanks tho’
  5. i got dq’d june 2 keep me posted!
  6. I got dq’d June 2. Been waiting for interview schedule to be issued. Finally some ray of light since May 20 isnt so far from june 2. Fingers crossed ❤️😍
  7. if they are already working on mid may qualified cases this means we are getting close we got dq’d june 2 I hope interview letter comes this week. We tried sending expedite requests but no reply yet
  8. easier and faster approvals only if the military member is stationed abroad and is covered by what they call military blanket entire process only takes 2-3mos
  9. me too my pd is oct 10 under texas sc. but things slowed down since february 23. like i’ve been hearing cases being transferred to a different service center
  10. Hello everyone let’s help each other by giving updates on who already got updates on their cases.
  11. yes plus less access to the internet. I will just keep on checking his bank account now and then. Yes it took our packet like 2weeks to reach AZ. Im really hoping we get outcome by this week.
  12. isn’t that NOA1 shouldn’t take that much time? Since Noa1 is sent out to notify the petitioner that file has been received plus payment. Then Noa2 is the one that literally takes time since its where files are being studied etc? hmmm that i need to check if he used his home address or military address. i’ll keep you posted. Thank you.
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