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  1. Just a little enquiry to find out if anyone knows what estimated date that the NVC send their cases to the LONDON embassy as i know they only do this once a month?
  2. Glad you made it back. Yeah i see everyone waiting excess of 200 days for the approval of the I-130 ours got approved in 98 days which is the quickest that i have seen anyone be approved so i cant complain. I also see that you got your notification from the NVC and then your Medical and appointment all in the space of a month which is quick and good. Its just a waiting game for you now to get your passport back, i bet your getting itchy feet? when do you plan to make your move?
  3. Yeah well I finally got to see my messages. And very very disappointed in with my outcome. After on the 30th September being asked for the police certificate as 3mm was missing. I submitted new ones which were perfect. The message i got yesterday said they were missing so after 3 hours on hold to the NVC and getting through to them. They have told me that it’s missing as the document looks blank. And I assured them I sent it in and double checked. She then came back to me and said oh yeah I see it. It was taking time to load. But now here’s the bad part. They can’t just put me to the top of the processing from their error. They have to wait until ceac fully opens for submitting documents which they are saying could be a few weeks. And then I get bumped back to the bottom again so will have to wait a further three weeks from when she submits the case to Ben looked at again with no need for me to upload new documents and With no way of appealing their error. I am disappointed at the error of course. But I have to say I am still in good spirits as We only applied in March which by the looks of things we are moving quicker than a lot of people so we are very thankful. How ow did your journey go back to Inverness? All good and no delays I hope.
  4. Travel - State Dept @TravelGov 23s Replying to @SM1188 We apologize for the inconvenience. CEAC is undergoing maintenance affecting some of its functions. Please check back again later. Well they are finally opening up to people moaning on twitter but they are very detailed (far from the truth)
  5. Sorry i just read my message. it did not make sense to even me. I mean it would be so much easier if they just told us that the site was still closed prior to signing in.... Yeah that is for everyone...it lets you sign it and you think oh great then try to use any part of the site with the upload part...it then tells us no!!!!
  6. it would be so much better and easier if they done told us before logging in and entering the CAPTCHA code that the site is still down!! Take the login page down too - Haha - But that would be too generous. I got an email earlier on today saying there is an update on my case and to log in but i cant lol....
  7. Sorry i found another feed regarding this. So no need for reply now
  8. HOORAY i am glad that everything with your appointment went well.. MASSIVE CONGRATS....I have still not heard back about my appointment yet for even then accepting my documents after they told me that 3mm was missing from the bottom of my Police cert 😞 but i did get a notification today but cant get into my account....well i can log in just cant access anything which is so frustrating. I was hoping my appointment for medical was going to be before my Husband came to Edinburgh on the 5th Novemeber but looks like i am not.
  9. Hi there i was wondering if anyone is having problems accessing in or if anyone can actually access the full use of the site. I got a notification this morning telling me that there was an update and i tried to log in and have not been able to go into documents when i am actually logged in....also when i press messages i get a 404 every single time
  10. So i just received an email from the NVC saying that i had messages. It had shown when i logged in that i had two messages but these were blank. But when looking at documents it said my police record and my borth cert was missing some in scan. The scan basically was scanned in letter format and not a4 so it was missing literally 3mm on the bottom of the pages. So i have rescanned and uploaded the new docs. Does anyone know if i now get pushed back to the bottom of the queue for review of documents again? I never knew about expediting until last week and there for thought it would too late due to how quickly that we are progressing. Any advice would help. Joe
  11. Ah yeah thank you. It’s going to be delayed just because I’ve take a holiday. Haha. But I suppose good things come to those who wait.
  12. So basically, I am the applicant and I am in the US at the moment on holiday. we submitted all the forms in march this year and its already at the stage of submitting the IV and Civil documents. Now I have all my documents here except my Police cert and Birth Cert. Does anyone know if I can submit all forms except these and just take originals to interview in London, as I feel this process for us is going way quicker than ever expected so wasn't expecting to be in the US whilst this was going on. Yes we are very happy how quick its going with looking at similar time lines we are SO much quicker than every one else...So this is just to ask if to submit without the two forms (it has a drop down box saying not available) or wait until I get back to the UK to have all the forms. I hope everyone else moves along as quick
  13. We have got our case number yesterday and super relieved and excited how quick it’s going. We applied in March 2019. I130 got approved in July 2019. Sent to nvc July 2019 and got case number yesterday to pay everything. We were not expecting it to go this quickly and now delaying to pay the next set of fees. Does anyone know how long London takes to look and set an appointment from when paid and done the next forms?
  14. thank you, the problem is that I am here on an ESTA so I have heard there can be a lot of complications, do you know if this is correct?
  15. my husband filled our i130 back in March when I was out of the country and went back home to the UK for a few months. We never knew how quick that the i130 would get approved and it was approved in June and got sent to NVC on the 15th July. I came to the US for a 3 month holiday to see my husband and family when this all got approved and not going back to the UK until august. Will this be a problem at all does anyone know?
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