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  1. Hi i am also from pakistan nd i got my english translation nikahnama.. Where you translation your nikahnama and why nvc rejected it?
  2. Case was received to nvc you just wait few days you received nvc case number then you submit all documents
  3. Hi my pakistani vj member hope so all are fine i need some information about to get police clearance certificate.. I live in rawalpindi pakistan can any body tell me which documents required for pcc? How to get pcc?
  4. Dont worry dear you just check vj processing time its 100% true i was also much frustrated but now i received my approval 2 days agao so just relax hope so you will received your approval next month
  5. I have the same PD - Sept 21, 2018. Still waiting........hopefully it'll be soon

  6. Hi my all VJ friends hope so all are fine.. I need some help its urgent for me any of my friend from lousiana baton rouge? Tell me plz
  7. i saw on USCIS official website the processing total average time is 10.3 months i hope your case should be approved in up coming months .... but swear its really frustrated not because you wanted to go there but because of life partner. :{

    1. Zoyarajput076@g


      Yes you r said right it is tough for relationships 

    2. Vaqar Malik

      Vaqar Malik

      i hope we will get for what we are waiting ..


  8. Hi i am also live in rawalpindi nd my husbnd filed i 130 for me last year my PD is 21/9/2018 approximately one year completed but no approval received yet still google show case was received i am also much frustrated. So you don't you worry i am same boat just keep patience IN SHA ALLAH you will received approval soon
  9. I am same in boat my pd is 21/09/2018. I have not approval yet i m also much depressed
  10. Today i checked processing time Nebraska it is agian go back to May nd now it taking too much time to approved petition.. 12 to 15.5 months it takes to approve.. This is really frustrating for me don't know how will more take time to approve. If any one have filling date 2018/9/21 nd gets approved plz share with me i am waiting friends for yours experienced with nebraska 😓🙄🙄😓
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