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  1. Hi everyone hope you all will be reunited with your loved ones soon 🙏🏻 I have a question and I hope anyone who has an answer or any information about it to provide me with it .. Has any of you “ Syrians in particular “ been rejected or been subject to delay of getting visas in regard to military service! Or have you heard of any cases like that ! Does military service have anything to do with rejecting a visa or delaying it ! Thank you in advance for any help and wish the best to come for all of you 🙏🏻 My interview was in Amman in June 2019 and I’ve been in AP since then .
  2. Congrats bro .. I’m so happy for you May I ask you pls how did you make sure that the refusal cases were mainly because of going to military service?? Do they tell the ppl who are refused that it’s because they send to mandatory military service ???? i hope you count provide me with more info about this part or if you could me in connection with ppl who had experienced it. Thank you in advance and congratulations again
  3. Good news .. which embassy and when was your interview? And how long have you been in AP ?
  4. Hi they called about a week ago and asked me to hire DHL to go get my passport back from the embassy as my AP is not complete yet .. they made me pay to send it to them two and a half months ago and now they also made me pay to get back .. this is ridiculous. but it’s ok I’ll get the visa eventually when AP is complete. thanks for asking bro
  5. You’re most welcome.. I can imagine how far could it make your brain go .. I wish you the best with your case
  6. I’ve just checked it for you on a phone app I have and apparently it’s the phone number of a bank in UAE
  7. I do agree with you .. it’s not a Muslim ban at all .. its a ban against specific nations out of a political regard.. and this is proved by the fact that many Muslims got their visas approved recently and many Christians are still waiting for their AP to be completed .. so I think if there was any act to be conducted it should be fighting the ban in general as a presidential proclamation and trying to at least make them make the process faster and clearer
  8. Yes it’s still there my friend.. we tried to email the embassy and ask about what’s Going on and they got us wrong regarding our intentions and thought we were asking for it back and they were going to send it back before AP was complete .. but we sent another email and clarified our intentions to them and I hope they kept it until They’re done with all their checks and reviews.. that’s why we’re not going to ask about anything anymore even if it was going to take ages .
  9. No, I’m still waiting I’m trying to not be bothered and frustrated about how long it could take .. I’ll just wait whatever it takes
  10. Great news .. Congrats 🎊 I’m still waiting for some good news from embassy of Amman myself 🙂
  11. Which embassy pls and did you send any email after she dropped her passport at the embassy ?
  12. That’s how I thought too at first . But I’ve heard recently of ppl who were asked their passport to the embassy and it took two and a half months to issue their visas and return the passports . We’ll see what happens . Thanks for asking bro
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