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  1. Thank you bro for your sweet words .. they mean a lot to me .. I’m sorry if I’m bothering you guys but I just feel nervous about waiting . I wish the best for all of you 🙏🏻
  2. Actually that’s what I’m not sure about .. when they called me and asked me to send my passport , they didn’t clearly say they are going to issue my visa though it’s logical to do just do so .. Do you think asking for my passport means my visa will be issued!!
  3. It’s been 3 weeks for me so far but there was Eid holiday in between.. I hope I won’t take much longer
  4. I wish the best for you and your husband .. did the embassy ask you to send your husband’s passport to the embassy ?? My embassy in Amman just asked me to send my passport to them and I did and I’m still waiting for it back . I wonder how long could it take ! Do you know any one who got their visa ? If yes , do you know how long did it take to send the passport back ? Thank you in advance
  5. Goodness sakes.. that gives a lot of hope .. I’m sure you’ll get your visa as the American embassy in Djibouti sounds to be good at Processing travel ban cases ..do you know any of them in person?? Did the embassy call them and asked for their passports to stamp the visa on it ?? And how long did it take to do so ??
  6. I think so .. anyway it’s better when you know there’s something happening with your case than nothing
  7. I thought so too .. it could be an automatic update for most cases .. however personally I got 7 updates in the last 20 days and all show AP !! And my passport at the embassy now and I’m nervous to know how long Would they keep hold of it !!!
  8. Can you pls get me his contact?? Or just provide me with more details about his case !! His embassy ! And whether the embassy called him and asked him to send his passport or they just kept his passport after the interview? And any other details about his case pls ! i feel so nervous not hearing from the embassy after they got my passport however I got about 7 updates in the last 20 days and all show AP !
  9. My wife “ petitioner “ said no need to get a congressman involved before 60 days are passed from the time they got my passport. That’s what they wrote on their website too . So we’ll see
  10. Omg I hope so .. this made my heart beat very fast .. i with for good news for all of you too guys
  11. So how long do you think it’d take to process my case and return my passport ?? And why do you think they asked me to send my passport as they already have a copy of it and my other documents???
  12. I don’t know if my situation is different from yours guys !! The embassy called me and asked me to send my passport a month ago .. and my passport has been at the embassy for 19 days so far and I got 7 updates in the mean time all showed AP !!!
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