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  1. That's what I read and I called the number in that page. When I called the number, I couldn't get a live agent. The AI just sent me a link, which turns out the same link where I got the number and same link you posted here. So it's just a never ending loop. I'm just hoping someone who did it in this forum can share how they did it step by step like who to email etc.
  2. Where do you email the request? I tried calling USCIS several times but the AI just kept sending me a link on how to request it and it just basically tells me which number to call (which is the same number I called).
  3. Since the vaccine is already out, do you think USCIS will require non-immigrants who are currently processing the AOS to take it?
  4. Hi, I just had my biometrics today and when I got to the booth where the fingerprints and pic were taken, the lady scanned my form and then looked at my passport. She asked me to spell my maiden surname and I did. Now that I'm back home, it just occured to me: wait a minute, did she typed my surname as my maiden surname? Will that appear on my greencard? The forms have all my married surname and the first lady who screened my form did not ask me for my marriage certificate. Should I call uscis? Anyone who has the same experience?
  5. Has anyone been to Detroit for their biometrics? Is there a parking outside the building? Since I can't bring my phone with me inside, there's no way for me to contact my husband when I'm done with it. Can he just join me inside the building?
  6. I filed last week of aug when I-944 wasn't required and I checked my status today and it says RFE was sent yesterday. 😕
  7. I haven't heard from USCIS since I got the NOA1. Still no biometrics schedule nor RFE for I-944. Is it possible to request for EAD expedite if I got a job offer?
  8. He asked for my driver's license at first and I said I don't have any coz I just migrated here. So he asked for my passport.
  9. Yeah I've read that post few weeks ago and I even showed it to my husband. I was being so paranoid and he told me that the odds of us getting pulled over and me being asked for my passport is pretty low. After this happened to us, he got paranoid too! 😅
  10. We were driving in I-75 just outside Cincinnati at 9pm. We didn't even know the lights were out.
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