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  1. BIG MOOD to feeling like life is on hold. I am the petitioner and it honestly does feel like I am just filling a void until he can move here. Everything is set too - his current employer has a US office he can transfer to, and I can’t move out of my mom’s place until he gets here (yay loans). It feels so funny living at home when I could move I guess, but as I recently returned to the US last November myself, I really didn’t see myself living here that long 😕 I’m trying to find new hobbies and to explore old interests but every day feels so slow
  2. https://www.uscis.gov/family/family-us-citizens/k-3k-4-nonimmigrant-visas The I-129F is free to file. Are you a US Citizen and can you read enough to fill out a form? I'd send it in. You provide a lot of the same information that is on the I-130. Typically the I-129F is denied and the I-130 is approved shortly after. 2 petitions means 2 sets of eyes on your case. Honestly - expect the 26th to be your PD date! Even though your funds weren't taken out until after, I think they make the PD the day your documents actually arrive!
  3. My operator was like “I’m not sure where it went.. I mean, it’s online - you know that right?” I was on hold for 5 minutes during that call and the dude was like, “did you just want to know so you can look at the wait times? The only service center I see mentioned at all is Nebraska, so I think that’s where you went. I’m sorry.” It was a bummer to learn but the dude was so nice and helpful. They’re not all like that but I wish him well.
  4. Did you send your paperwork in August? Welcome! You belong here! Did you file on the first of September, and there's no thread for you yet? We'll house you for a little while, you heathens... For my NOA1s, I got a text 4 days after delivery to the Lockbox (delivered on Mondays, text on Thursdays), and the physical letter not too long after. I130 NOA1 arrived 10 days after arriving at the lock box. I'm still waiting on the I129F NOA1 letter, but the text notification wasn't too short after. I filed at the Pheonix lockbox for the I130.
  5. You’ll need to look up who the congressman is for your district. I know for mine he has a form to complete to expedite cases with a us gov facility. Yours should have something similar
  6. Looking at the past quarterly reports here (the .csv/excel files have the Service Centers at the bottom): https://www.uscis.gov/tools/reports-studies/immigration-forms-data?topic_id=20712&field_native_doc_issue_date_value[value][month]=&field_native_doc_issue_date_value_1[value][year]=&combined=&items_per_page=10 I broke it down in my own spreadsheet, basically merging Approved/Denied into one Adjudicated column. Pending is the number all of all petitions at the end of the quarter that had no decision yet. Edit: These numbers are for I130 SPOUSE only.
  7. Fun fact - For Q2 numbers (Jan to March 2019) Nebraska doesn't actually have the largest number of pending cases, nor do they receive the most. Texas does. Potomac really does a handful of cases - it must be a small facility. Chew on that. 😞 Supposedly it's based on beneficiary's country, though I believe petitioner's state has something to do with it as well. Every Texas and Florida case I've seen has gone to Nebraska. Could be selective though, I won't ignore my own biases.
  8. No, but looking at the numbers USCIS publish - Nebraska, Potomac, and Texas get split pretty evenly but Nebraska only processes 1/2 of what’s coming in, Potomac is at like 2/3, and Texas is approving more cases than they’re getting The numbers for the K3, I looked at the “official” timeline from the USCIS site as well
  9. To be honest, I’m expecting a 4-6 month wait with the 129. Nebraska filers in March were approved in June/July, 3-4 months. With many older applications also now filing 129, I’m really aiming for a 6 month wait. Even then, if I get to 9.5, that’s STILL better to request info since it’s several months shorter than the 130 wait. Nebraska is terribly mismanaged and I don’t know why they keep sending cases there when the gap is incredible. edit: I work in claims on a case management system so this chaps my balls
  10. Congrats! Absolutely! I got my 129 in the mail today and should be received on Monday
  11. Oh yeah, I think it's just the fact that I'm really anxious to get the I-129F paperwork out that I'm high strung at the moment. I know it's partially due as well that we may have to wait another 2 years before he can move, when we've already waited for so long. I was really hoping he could be here before our 10 year anniversary (December 2020), but in Nebraska it doesn't seem like it will happen. It sucks to feel helpless now when there's still one more thing I can do. It was very nice to get the login info in the mail today. Congrats on getting your paperwork in the mail! A very big first step indeed. Wishing you better luck than me!
  12. Wow... I can't believe all that has happened this week! I swear I posted last week but the thread wasn't even open then! I got my online code in the mail today - also an updated PD date of 8/13, 2 days earlier than I thought it was. Desperately waiting on the I-797C form to arrive!
  13. Congratulations on your wedding and best of luck in this process!
  14. Hi everyone.. I guess I'll be joining in on this fun action! I have an IOE receipt number, but an USCIS agent over the phone said they only saw information that my case was at Nebraska. Immediately worked on the K3 paperwork haha Filing for an IR1, we've been married just over 2 years, but I was really hoping he could move here before our 10 year anniversary - December 2020. Sigh.. who knows!
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