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  1. Dears, MY case was accepted to be expedited. CR1 I have send mail to US embassy in Cairo to get an interview appointment since my case status shows READY. They replied today "When we receive the file at post, we will contact you." Doesn't Ready mean all papers already at the embassy? Thanks
  2. Yes I have Joint sponsor with 80k annually income. "How do you intend being Insured prior to the interview?" I don't know I am asking .
  3. Dears, Please I've a few questions regarding filling PUBLIC CHARGE QUESTIONNAIRE form ds 5540 For CR1 Visa Interview. I'm the applicant. My wife and babies ( 6 months new babies) are Americans and receive medicaid and housing and they live in the US. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the form, In part 2, 4A. Will you be covered by health insurance in the United States within 30 days of your entry into the United States? My question :- Is it recommended to get health insurance before walking to the interview or what? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the form, In Part 3, Q. asking about the household size, Was he or she on active duty, other than training, in the U.S. Armed Forces or Ready Reserve while receiving a public benefit? My question :- What Should be the answer Yes Or NO. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the form, In part 4, in Ques. no. 12. If you or your family requested or received a public benefit, were you or your family members exempt from public charge during that period? My question :- What Should be the answer Yes Or NO. Thanks a lot.
  4. Dears, sorry this is the second post for the same issue. For the Joint Sponsor. I have form W2 for 2019,2018,2017. And Form 1040 for 2019,2018,2017. Also I have his Green Card, Driving License, social security Number, and work card scanned copies. Is there anything else should I got for his part. Besides, my wife does not work at all Is it normal to set her income as zero or should I mention my transfer transitions money in the assets? Plus she receives housing, medicaid, and child support food stamps for milk. Would That affect the case? Thanks
  5. Dears, Currently my wife lives in US with our 6-months twins, she does not work. Her step dad is the only joint sponsor and he makes enough income to sponsor me. Which papers should we submit to NVC with I-864 for my wife and her step dad. That for CR1. Thanks
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