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  1. Hi! I’m in Milwaukee and a May filer (May 26th). I’ve heard nothing as of yet but I know how backlogged everyone is so I’m not expecting to hear anything anytime soon. 😕
  2. We received all 3 of our NOA1‘s in the mail today (I-485, I-765, and I-131) so I’m excited that we have passed the first of many phases. Could someone please tell me what the next uscis.gov status is after “fingerprint fee received” on the I-485?
  3. Just curious what the time frame has been lately between the package being delivered to the lockbox and receiving either an RFE or an NOA1?
  4. Hi May Filers! We sent in our AOS paperwork on May 26th for the first time and are hoping we did everything correctly. Now to start stalking our banking app to see if our cheque gets cashed.
  5. I moved to Wisconsin on March 24th and have already received my marriage license to get married on May 2nd using just my passport so I'm all set with that. I have also tried to apply for a SSN by filling out my forms and mailing them along with my passport and I-94 and received a phone call today from the SS office telling me that new applicants must be processed in person. He said that if I can provide him with proof that a SSN is mandatory for my AOS filing, then he could book an interview but I'm not sure that it is. Can someone please advise if I can hold off on getting a SSN? My I-94 expires June 21st if that info helps.
  6. I wanted to let you all know that I crossed by land at Port Huron in Michigan today with my K1 with no issues!
  7. I tried getting answers by calling the CBP and they just forwarded me to an automatic recording telling me to go to the Department of Homeland Securities website to answer my questions. I’m not sure how you were so lucky to get your information but thank you so much for posting it! I’m loading up my cat and all my belonging on a uHaul today with the hopes that they let me through.
  8. I wonder if the same will be true for K1 land crossings. I'm going to attempt to cross tomorrow so I'll keep everyone posted.
  9. Morning! I live in Ontario and plan to drive across and move to Wisconsin on Thursday March 26th. Unfortunately I wasn't ready to leave before the ban took effect. I'm going to see if I can get a clear answer from the border when I call on Monday morning but I'm going to have to at least try to cross. I have to move out of my apartment by the end of the month so I have nothing more to lose. If anyone else either tries crossing or calls and gets an answer on how K1's will be handled, please let us all know! Cheers!
  10. I'm SOOOOOO happy for you! Now time to get your butt in gear...you have a plane to catch tomorrow!!! 😍
  11. Congratulations!!! It really is the best feeling!
  12. Thanks so much for the info! I'll do that this afternoon! I love crossing things off my never ending to-do list!
  13. What would "officially" changed your residence to the US mean? I'm worried that if I get "travelers" insurance and something happens and they find out I wasn't just visiting and never had any intent on returning to Canada, I won't be covered.
  14. I've got a question for you guys...I'll be in the USA for 2 months before getting married and want to get health insurance in case something goes wrong. Has anyone already looked into this or know a company I can contact?
  15. I'm sorry to hear about your fiance and hope everything turns out OK. Fingers crossed that you have it tomorrow as promised! Keep us posted.
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