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  1. No sir, visa expiration is 3rd July 2020. Our wedding is May 12th, hence why waiting till March to go over
  2. Visa arrived by courier this morning. Everything’s correct and good so... 93 days till I move to the USA!! good luck everyone still waiting
  3. I had my medical December 3rd and planning to leave March 23rd. hoping that should be fine? We are getting married May 12th, hence why I’m waiting till March to go over.
  4. I don’t plan on flying over till March anyway so no rush rush for the visa to arrive 😄
  5. I also haven’t heard of them not asking for the financial stuff, so I was pretty worried!! She literally Just asked what our wedding plans are and then she clearly said ‘you’re approved, your visa will take a week.’ My US fiancé was there with me and I had my folder in front of me with all my paperwork and she said she didn’t need anything 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
  6. We just had our interview in London and got approved!!!! was at the window for less than 2 minutes. she didn’t ask for any of my affidavit of support evidence at all. I was surprised as I thought the evidence (tax returns etc) was a pretty big deal? anyone else have this?
  7. Amazing!!!! so happy they let you in and he got approved. so excited and terrified for our interview and I have a month to wait. Well done guys
  8. I literally just booked my interview now and did the form to add my fiancé on. please let me know how it goes for you!!!!!!
  9. Status changed to ready this morning. just booked interview in London for December 16th. medical is booked for December 3rd. home stretch!!
  10. I’ve already scheduled my medical and we are in transit. for London you only need the case number to book the medical. It’s not till the 3rd December so London embassy will have received the case. Yes, you can fill out your DS160 beforehand. May as well do it now.
  11. We are also now in transit medical booked for December 3rd, hoping to book interview week before Xmas as my fiancé will be here also. just submitted my DS160.
  12. Thank you! Haven’t booked it yet, my case should hopefully ship from NVC today so I guess I can’t book till the embassy has my case hopefully by the end of this week. have my medical 3rd December booked. Just want it all done with!
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