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  1. Wow that took forever for you! But I’m so happy it’s done, over with and approved! They are still taking in ds260s, I’d file as soon as possible. It was taking about 2 months for paperwork to be forwarded to DOS however with the workflow slowing down you might get lucky and it might not take as long. Good luck. I’ve been on queque since august 21st 2019, with the last 3 almost 4 months not even counting. The proclamation will affect a lot of people however if you are married to a US citizen you shouldn’t be affected, all we have to do is wait for the consulate to reopen
  2. Doubtful, with the US being on lockdown until May 3rd now. My CC is August 21st for am IR1 visa, was thinking I’d be receiving an appointment letter around June/July. I wonder how long of a set back this will be. Specially with the interview needing to happen in Juarez
  3. Does anyone know what’s going on because of this whole coronavirus situation? Are all appointments cancelled and stopped and all that
  4. I wouldn’t consider that top priority. There’s a whole 4 groups above it with higher priority and sadly it does take a very long time, it’s best to be prepared and have all paperwork in order to avoid any delays. As I mentioned it took 15 years for my family friend and she had no previous offenses however I also can’t say if the delay had anything to do with something they did or failed to do. I mean hopefully it doesn’t take that long, maybe at the NVC stage the case can be expedited somehow. A lawyer should be involved in the case as to make it as quick and easy as possible
  5. It takes a long time because there is an order of priority. Unfortunately parents and siblings aren’t at the top of says priority list and there is a number cap on how many of those residencies can be given per fiscal year. It took my close friend who is a citizen 15 years of waiting to finally get the appointment for his mother and get her here as a permanent resident, hopefully that is not at all your experience.
  6. You need to get the medical done at least 2 days prior to the interview because you must have the results at the interview or you will be placed on administrative processing until they have them and that can sometimes turn into a very long wait for them to review them. You don’t have to make an appointment, you can always just do it as a walk in. However if you do I’d advise you to get there as soon as they open or shortly after and expect to maybe take a little longer than someone with an appointment
  7. You or your lawyer if you have one of course get an email stating your documents have been accepted are are complete with NVC and you are now in que for an interview appointment at your embassy and will get such appointment letter at a later date once your turn in line comes. Mine took 2 months I believe. I’ve been waiting for an appointment since August 21st of last year so I have a long time to go still
  8. Exactly! Try to get copies of the paperwork emails and texts. Have a digital and paper copy just in case you need them. And maybe take screen shots of the interaction between you two. That way you can prove it is him stepping out of the marriage in a way and not you. It’s not your fault if the marriage ends even if you are the one to ask for the divorce and therefore you shouldn’t be punished for it, you went in with the best and long lasting of intentions
  9. Just take both the damaged and the new ones to be safe, they will update the passport number at your appointment and I don’t know if you have a lawyer or not but they either got the letter in the mail or email or you will be getting it soon. It will just say your documents have been accepted and that you are now in line for an interview date. Technically you can contact nvc and provide them with the new paperwork if that makes you feel more comfortable but your case is closed at the point so they might tell you to just wait until you’re at the embassy to provide the new paperwork, either way you might still need to get yet another police certificate later since they are only good for a certain amount of time and it is currently taking about 11 months to get an appointment letter from the date your case is deemed complete
  10. Your lawyer should set both your medical and biometrics appointments for you. Most people do their medical two days before their appointment and their biometrics a day before their appointment. If you can do your medical sooner that’s fine just know it’s only good for 6 months and your passport has to be good for at least six months past your interview date as well.
  11. I don’t think it has much to do with her being a citizen, the decision is up to the discretion of the reviewing officer. I would re-apply but make sure you build a stronger case this time around. Speak to your lawyer and if you don’t have one, this is the time to get one. Good luck and I am sooooo sorry you were denied
  12. 11-12 months for appointment letter is what I’m hearing. I got my CC email on August 21st 2019 so my wait has just begun. I130 priority date was 06/26/17 was approved on 01/19/18. Also did a i601a received date 08/10/18 and was approved on 06/26/19 exactly 2 years after receiving my i130. I had my Biometric appointment on September 10th 2018. It took a while for USCIS to send my approval notice to NVC but as soon as they did my case was declared complete. It has barely been a little over 3 months of my wait...about 8 and a half more to go as of now.
  13. I'm so sorry, they're just taking their sweet time with everything to discourage people from doing the process. It will be done and in your favor soon hopefully. Mine took about 10.5 months
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