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  1. Define everything? I’m not aware of any new shutdown or anything like that. I do know that to fly into the US you are required to show a negative Covid test that is only a day or two old
  2. My first one took maybe 2 hours, I had a 7:30 appointment I believe, got in line right at 6, was out by 8:30 max and in my hotel room
  3. Sounds like she needs the vax, look around and find the Johnson and Johnson, don’t let that be the reason she is found inadmisible
  4. Y’all, if I could give you any advice or if you were willing to take any advice from me, take this set up for you passport to be given back to you at the Juarez CAS, people there are being approved and getting their passports back 3 workdays later. I asked for mine elsewhere, so did someone I know, approved the same day and everything, he got his yesterday, mine still just says issued and no email, it’s been 5 workdays, 7 total because of the weekend. (You need the email even to inquire, because they need the code in that email)
  5. No, if put in properly it won’t ask for an office to pick it up at. You could of messed up at an earlier stage. But many people have been able to email it and print it with my instructions…maybe open a second tab and go to the same site and go to the instructions section?
  6. Exactly how you’d write a US address and just any Mexican municipality if it doesn’t let you print, send it to your email and then print it from there
  7. Yes! Only if you use a US address and any of the “municipalidades” the municipality doesn’t matter. You just can’t put a mexico address or they will make you choose an office to Pick it up at
  8. There’s no traveling at least for me until I was Done and approved. I’m giving y’all the way to do this for Free and in on your computer, if you want to pick up in the whole 3-4 business days or whatever it says in a specific place, go for it, that way will most likely not be free and you’ll have to wait and go to that specific place to pick it up, it’s up to you. All I know is they are For sure asking for it, and they Do accept the online print out because they accepted it from me, they know not all of us live there and they took it when they asked me for my originals. If you want a certified one at a place don’t even go online, get to Mexico before your appointments and go to a police station and complete your process there, but as I mentioned before if there are a couple people with your name, they are not going to give you one, and if you walk into your appointment to turn in paperwork without one you’ll be screwed because you’ll have to scramble to get one for the next day that is your interview. And they will put you on and ministration hold for Not having it, but in more of a denied way because they will give you your passport back and everything, tell you it’s lack of paperwork and that you can still turn it is so that they can make a final reevaluated decision
  9. https://edomex.gob.mx/tramites_servicios If you don’t find it all you have to do is look up ventanilla electrónica and something edomex will pop up as mentioned before you need to create an account and there is a space that says “instructions” and it explains how to get the paper, all you have to do it open 2 tabs one for the instructions and one to actually do it and make sure to use the US address with ANY municipio, that’s the only way you’ll get the option to email or print it on the spot, otherwise you’ll have to choose a place in Mexico to pick it up personally
  10. It you put a Mexican address it will make you choose a place in Mexico to Pick it up, what you have to do as I should of explained up top is put your US address and then when it asks for the MUNICIPIO, you just put whichever one, that doesn’t matter, it only gives you municipios of Mexico. When you do it that way, it asks you if you want to send it in an email or print right then and there. I’ll look for the website and post it again asap, read the last post to know what to do, the website is a little complicated
  11. I have not, I chose another state also. I will say that the people that had their interview Monday the 1st, had it ready and picked up Friday the 5th in the early morning. And that was with Tuesday everything being closed for dead of the dead, their pick up was in Juarez.
  12. http://ventanillaelectrónica.edomex.gob.mx/ You have to create an account, they ask for your curp and passport number. Also you have to put your Us address and just pick any municipalidad that’s the only way it will let you print. If you use a mexico address you’ll have to pick a place in Mexico to pick up
  13. I honestly got them online. It’s much easier and free. If you go there you gotta go a few places, and they charge 100 but you have to go to an Oxxo to pay and they charge you too. And there’s people that I met that weren’t able to get it. They were told there were multiple people with their name and they couldn’t print them one
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