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  1. Question - I'm IR1-separated. How reliable is the NVC current case review time that they post. I'm guessing pretty reliable since it says they are working on documents submitted on November 24-2022 and I'm hearing people are already getting appts from CC November? We just submitted our information about a month ago, just waiting right now. And once they start reviewing your case how long to case complete?
  2. Thank you. This is our second go around with this process. I truly hope it happens for us this time
  3. Oh wow, I will just hang tight! My husband and I have been separated 11 years this year. We shall see what happens! Good luck!!
  4. Hi guys! Question, how long did it take for your cases to complete/get documentarily qualified from the time you submitted your documents and paid your fees? Good luck to both of you on your interviews keep us posted!
  5. Im the petitioner and I did not receive an email, my husband did as the applicant. My lawyer submitted docs this week and my husband received the email two days later saying “ Thank you for being a valued U.S. Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) customer. Your online Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application Form(DS-260) has been submitted. ” he did have a document missing at the time my lawyer submitted the docs and she quickly uploaded it. it tells you. Click on “submitted “ under both of you and make sure there is nothing on the next page you are missing. Other than that I have nothing.
  6. I heard the same thing!!! Be careful! YouTube videos to hear about others interview in Juarez experiences it helps! There’s a few out there. They even tell you which medical place is better to use etc.
  7. Oh lord no. Our case was finally submitted to the CEAC website this week. So now we wait. IR1-separated. I130 submitted 6/2020 approved 9/2021.
  8. Thank you so much for sharing that it gives me clarity. Now we go into that waiting period again 😕
  9. So NVC scheduled your interview? I thought your case gets transferred to Juarez in your status and then you get your interview is scheduled. I’m new to this and still researching. My lawyer finally submitted everything to NVC today so now we wait.
  10. Correct. I’m assuming Maria’s case is at Juarez already.
  11. Hi - I'm no where near with CC as my case is just now being submitted to NVC. But have you tried calling Juarez at all. I see in the FB groups they share the phone # to Juarez where they can talk to a live person. Maybe post on there that you are looking for that phone # or just do a search for it with in those groups. Some say they call every couple of days to almost everyday and it does not effect your case to call that many times. Some have also said they got their appt with a lot quicker notification, rather than waiting. They get at least 2-3 weeks advanced notification of their appt instead of waiting for the email/letter and then only having a week to prepare. Anyway good luck!!
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