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  1. It took me exactly 2 weeks (from the favorable reco sent date from DoS case status) to get the final approval from USCIS in my mailbox.
  2. You will get a receipt from USCIS. That receipt has your case number. DoS case number cannot be used for USCIS tracking. If this is what you were asking
  3. 1. Yes, you can continue with the same employer until May 2020, I don't think you can do a J1 transfer or extended your DS2019 2. It's your call
  4. I hope you get it soon. The longest part is the DoS recommendation. USCIS part is very fast
  5. Yeah, exactly !! There is no set timeline for this process. I understand most of the people are on the same boat i.e No government funding/scholarships, not working in Federal government institutions as a J-1, and based on No objection because of the skills list (my case). Also, I did not expedite any of the steps. I hope you make it through at the earliest
  6. Hey all, I know how stressful this process can be, especially when you are in a situation of changing jobs. This forum has helped me a lot, and that's why I am sharing my timeline June 16-NOS received by DoS July 16- Favorable recommendation sent (Dated July 12 on the hard copy paper I received, took a long time to receive the hard copy from DoS in my mailbox July 29) July 23- USCIS received the DoS waiver recommendation July 29- Received I-797 notice of action in my mailbox , online USCIS case status shows I-612 approved on July 26 Wishing you all good luck !!
  7. Hey all, Is there anyone on the forum here who did not receive the hard copy of favorable recommendation in their mailbox. It's been 11 days since DoS issued me a favorable recommendation (online), however, they didn't send me the copy. I included 2 self addressed envelopes in my package, but I am quite surprised
  8. Yeah, seems like that ! So if I understand correctly, the USCIS approval after DoS favorable recommendation takes between 3-8 weeks
  9. Hey all, Finally received a favorable recommendation within a month since the the NOS update. Does anyone how much time it's going to take for the final I612 approval? Any information would help. Thanks
  10. Hey guys, Here's my timeline so far. Straightforward case based on No objection with No government funding involved. I was just wondering how much more time it will take for a favorable recommendation followed by USCIS as my deadlines are extremely tight, I have to start my new job in 20 days !! It seems impossible, but keeping my fingers crossed!! I'll keep y'all posted
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