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  1. Congrats!! hopefully now it will go fast! wish you the best!
  2. Have you though of asking for an expedite? May I ask how long did they take to give you your receipt number?
  3. Hey If you go to USCIS center (webpage) -> under TOOLs ->> ask about my case ->> there's an option of "case outside normal processing times", maybe you can send them a email. As I was calling them because I haven't received my receipt number, they told me if you create an account and send them a secure email the Tier 2 "immigration agents" are going to get it instead of tier 1 (which is live chat and the call center people). Hopefully this helps... I'm also waiting and my program already started. Best of luck!!
  4. I'm going crazy... is there another way of getting USCIS receipt number? it's been two weeks... I have called, live chat and even email. Is there a way I can get my receipt number in another way? are all the cases filed to Vermont? Anything helps please...
  5. The same to me. Anyone know how long does it take from having a favorable recommendation to get the USCIS new receipt number? It seems for some people is 7-10 days from others longer?! Before calling I just want to make sure I leave enough time for them to receive the paperwork (as I understand DOS files an I-612 for you to USCIS). Any input helps thanks in advance
  6. Hey thanks everyone for sharing. I'm sharing also my journey any feedback helps. Non Objection [research scholar j1 no gov fund, no patient contact] I got approved an H1B based on my ds19 (it was marked as not e212 subject) to start a position at BU Got it and went to my embassy when they told me there was a confusion and I should get a Waiver. Sent all my paperwork on June 14 (DS3035 and embassy paperwork for NOC) my embassy filed the NOC on 19 of june The check was cashed on June 22 Unfortunately the tracking of my NOC was never updated so I asked them to send it again (they did on fax on July 11) Finally my case was updated with all documents EXCEPT NOC received on last Friday June 19 I'm missing my NOC so I send an email. I'm wondering if someone had something similar? I'm just worried because I understand the timeline starts until you have all the documents. Thanks
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