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  1. No he's 6. I believe only at 16 i can apply for EAD for him.
  2. Yes my wife applied for EAD but thats still pending, Biometrics appointment is on the 20th of Jan, you think i should just wait until that's processed?
  3. So my wife and kid got here last year January 1st 2020. Tax returns are going to be due in April. My child and Wife don't have SSN. Is there a way i can get something to be able to claim them on my taxes? Do I have to wait until they are approved for their greencard?
  4. a background check after you already in the states? I mean what was the point of her K1 Visa paperwork? you would think they would want to make sure they know of your background before stepping into the country and staying.
  5. Spoke too soon!! My 6 year old got his RFE for i-944 lmao He said he wants to add his toy car and transformer as an asset.
  6. yes hopefully they just toss my i944 form out lol and move on with my case. as i stated earlier i just sent it this week.
  7. i'm in California. sorry im out of touch with the plaintiff states.
  8. Thats why i was surprise, I received my RFE last month and two days ago we received the appointment for biometrics for my wife and son. So I'm not sure, wouldn't the case be on hold until i-944 is filled out and sent out. Also my son never received his RFE for i-944 request.
  9. Preach it!!! You know what irritates me the most is the actual information being requested. I believe this should Apply to people being in the states for years already that somehow manage to grow roots. My wife is freshly here since January 2020. She hasn’t been able to get an state ID or Ssn because we waited a bit too long to use the i94 arrival form. So we couldn’t get a bank account with her name since everyone asking for Ssn. I manage to get her into my health insurance. I currently don’t have many assets to begin with. So I’m not sure what’s the point of this. She won’t go asking for Medicare or food stamps? One who year here practically wasted. Imagine I could of received a stimulus check if I had her and my son on my taxes. Yet they want to know if she has a credit score. 😭
  10. I just sent out the i944 this morning but I received my wife biometrics appointment for the 20th of January. Does the case continue to move even without the i-944?
  11. Yes I received one for my wife and my son is also coming in the mail tomorrow. He’s 6 years old. So I have to fill out two. Sighs
  12. Ugh this form is complicated I was excited to know a few months back it was not needed but now it’s required. I wish they made up their mind. I will fill it out and send it out on Monday.
  13. I received a pink letter in the mail regarding Request for Evidence. It's saying its missing the I-944 but I remember if I summited the 485 before September 22, 2020. Does anyone know if this is a mistake or am I suppose to fill out the I-944 and send it back regardless?
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