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    Started application 30th June
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    Received Notice of Action (NOA) I-797C 18th July
    Priority date is 10th July 2019
    Biometrics completed Monday 5th August
    Ready for interview to be scheduled September 17th
    Medical courtesy letter October 5th
    Requested EAD Expedite October 17th
    Congressman used expedite channel October 25th
    Recieved request for evidence 24th October
    Faxed EAD Expedite evidence October 29th
    EAD/AP Approved 8th November online

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  1. Hello all Thanks for your responses. The concern around passport renewal is due to the fact that my adjustment of status/existing L1-B/Advanced Parole is linked to my current passport. If i renew my passport in the UK, then it concerns me whether it will cause any issues when it comes to re-entering the US. My plan right now is to go to the UK, return before the expiry date and then renew from the US. Hopefully my green card interview is not scheduled until October/November time frame. (Right now it's 'ready to be scheduled for interview as of 16th June...previously it was this in September) Anyone see any concerns or issues with this?
  2. AOS currently in progress from July 2019. Issued with EAD/AP in Dec 2019. Passport (with L1 stamps) is due to expire in Dec 2020. Currently waiting on an interview as of 16th June, Manhattan based. Currently considering returning to the UK for 2-3 months 1) death in the family 2) childcare 3) care for older members of family Questions: Can anyone provide any insight on whether COVID-19/Visa noise from the White House is causing any issues with Advanced Paroles? Will my Dec passport expiration cause any issues with any of this? I'm assuming I just need to return to the US prior to the passport expiration and re-apply for a new one from here. Does the case status update with the interview date? If i am out of the country, there is a risk that we are mailed the interview date but won't be around to see it. Thanks
  3. Hello all Today marks my adjustment of status application anniversary. 😞 Since my EAD was approved I haven't paid much attention to what's going on with the rest of the process. Just checked my account to see: Ready to be scheduled for Interview [17th September 2019] Interview Cancelled [16th June 2020] Ready to be scheduled for Interview [16th June 2020] My location is Manhattan 1) Should I re-apply for the EAD at this point? 2) For those who have not done the interview and have been approved, did you submit your medical documentation too? My case is as vanilla as it gets, 3) Is there anything that can be done to chase/accelerate this?
  4. Good news....EAD/AP is approved and should get it in the next week or so. Timeline is in my profile
  5. Hi Boiler No - is there a separate process to expedite AP? New job offer is about a 100% increase in compensation, factor that with medical costs and increased expenses of a newborn and wife being on maternity then it makes a pretty good case in my opinion, especially when you think of NYC cost of living. Do you see an issue with this?
  6. Hi there, Tried searching but nothing came up. I am on L1-B visa adjusting status through C9 category, PD July 15th 2019. I transferred with work but knew the role I was accepting was multiple steps back because i wanted to move to the US to be with my wife. We now have a newborn (yay!). I am at the stage now where i have a new job offer and i am unhappy at work, with the newborn i am also not willing anymore to spend more than 12 hours away from home for a job which doesn't do anything for me anymore (3.5 hour commute per day, no career prospects) I want to get thoughts on an adjusting L1-B visa taking New York Family Leave (essentially 10 weeks off at 55% pay) and any potential implications this could have around the process. From what i've read, the New York Paid Family leave applies to any worker in the NY state (eg. US Citizens + Anyone else under private employment). I am currently expediting my EAD & job offer and hope to have this within the next 4 weeks (I hope!) and was planning on taking this time off now while i can and resign once everything clears from an immigration perspective. I would then start new role after some decent time off. I am also interested to understand what happens when L1-B gets an EAD and how that affects international travel arrangements once I start at the new company (i assume this prevents L1-B status being used, therefore need AP approval?..If so, then how do i ensure AP is approved before Xmas?) Would love to get some generic thoughts, or any potential watchouts with my plan. Cheers thestankers
  7. Hello all, Applying for adjustment of status c9 category at NBC (currently on L1B). Received job offer and also have newborn and filed expedite under severe financial loss. PD =15th July 2019 Bio = early August 2019 Ready to schedule interview = 17th September Requested expedite over hotline = October 21st Congressman also filed expedite request = October 24th Faxed relevant information to USCIS = October 29th (following waiting for request for evidence) Congressman notified me that USCIS sent the following message (they seem to think this is 'accepted'): Thank you for your inquiry regarding this constituent’s immigration matter. This case will be routed for expedited processing. Once this case is reviewed, your constituent will receive a decision or notice of further action. Due to the extremely high volume of expedite requests for this case type, there are numerous cases involving exigent or humanitarian issues already in the expedite queue, and we are unable to provide a specific timeframe for the expedited review. The strict enforcement of the expedite criteria means that all cases sent for expeditious handling are urgent, and we assure you that this case will be adjudicated as soon as possible.” My questions 1. What else can be done at this point? I assume I am waiting for USCIS online portal to update to say New Card is being produced? 2. With the EAD issuance, does this automatically approve the I-131 (Advanced parole)? My current Xmas plans have international travel arrangements which works fine if i have my L1-B visa, however if i change job before then with EAD, does this invalidate returning to the US? (I assume yes) 3. When do I-131s typically get approved? Or is there a seperate approval expedite process?
  8. Nice! Good for you Unfortunately for me, our dates are pretty similar and I also faxed expedite info more than a week ago and have heard nothing since (we also got our congress office involved). We also don't have a date for interview either which is pretty frustrating.
  9. Hello there I have applied for adjustment of status NYC. Priority date in early July. I am currently in the US on an L1B visa but have been interviewing for multiple different opportunities. I am desperately awaiting the EAD. The situation: I have received one confirmed offer with substantially more money than what i currently make. I am also at the final stage for an even more senior position which i would prefer to take. Q: What happens if I try and expedite my case for EAD, with the existing offer, but then end up accepting the other role based on it being better? Is there any potential issues with this from a USCIS perspective? I want to accelerate the EAD process Thanks
  10. Hi all I filed back in July...i am impatiently waiting for the EAD. What are the rules around online service requests (75 days)? Does this achieve anything? Also - i heard something happens at the 90 day mark, can anyone confirm what this is and whether it achieves anything? I might give them a call tomorrow to chase my EAD. Anyone have any advice? Thanks
  11. Evening all todays update: ready for interview to be scheduled I’m still waiting for progress on EAD!
  12. Ready to be scheduled for interview here....18th September. Our priority date was 10th July Am I correct in thinking we won't recieve any RFEs?
  13. Hello all, No update yet, my priority date was July 10th. I have received a yellow courtesy letter reminding me that i did not submit a I-693. Has anyone else received this? It might not mean anything, but i'm hoping it means a step closer to getting the important EAD / notification of interview schedule. In regard to the I-693, i deliberately decided not to file this as i assumed the green card process would take longer than 52 weeks (after which the medical evaluation expires). Does anyone have any advice on when to think about finalizing this? Who to contact? Likely costs? Cheers Stankers Out
  14. Also filed in July...have my hopes up following the change to max of 5.5 months....Trying not to check USCIS case status every day. For you guys in Chicago, i have already completed my biometrics, so it seems like it's a local office issue
  15. I had my bio-metrics appointment last Monday in NYC....fingers crossed now that the EAD comes through ASAP! I am actually interviewing for a new job as I am ready to leave my current employer.
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