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  1. Okay, so I got my letter of extension almost 2 weeks back. I cannot check the status and I know there's issues with it, but I can't see anything on My Account either when I log in, maybe I'm not checking the right thing. I've just went with the idea of no biometrics, which I am obviously okay with. Can someone let me know where they check their case on their account, so I can make sure I'm in the right place...
  2. They cashed my check yesterday night. I'm not sure if the processing center you were sent to matters, but maybe that's where the delay is. I've seen people wait up to 2 weeks to get a notification, so don't fret yet.
  3. My package was delivered on July 3rd AM and I just got a text from USCIS. WAC center for me. They haven't cashed the check yet tho.
  4. Amazing, thank you! I don't have a lot of papers so I should be good without staples, but noted
  5. Hi Everyone! I can send my application starting from Sunday and have everything ready to go - I have an organizational question though - how did you guys organize the papers? Paperclips? Something else? I know staples aren't good, but if I don't use anything, it will be a mess and there's no distinguishing what applies to what. Any help is appreciated!
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