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  1. It's in Nebraska. According to @Joe & Dhee. There's an explanation on their profile how they did it. I read somewhere online (I closed the window I can't find it anymore) that some do this because when they file the i129f it forces the service center to look into their file and seeing that they submitted to the i130 they get NOA2/approval since their file is already open/being reviewed.
  2. Yes but I was just wondering if that works. We were thinking of getting married in the Philippines but when we realized how long the spouse visa took we opted for the k1.
  3. I just saw here on VJ someone doing this. Does this actually work? Is it even legal? If it is, I feel pretty dumb. Hope the VJ veterans can chime in! TIA! @Greenbaum @Hank_ @geowrian @missileman @payxibka
  4. And that's what the SSA is going to based the name change on? The name on the was/ap/gc?
  5. My bad. Are you asking for advice about the affidavit of support or your situation in general? If the I-134 as long as you have the other docs (tax forms, pay stubs, etc.) I'm sure you'll be fine without the employment letter.
  6. This (I-129F/K-1 to permanent residence/naturalization) is a lengthy process. I'm sure everyone has struggled with it. It's stressful as it is and then you have to juggle it with everything that's going on in your lives. I mean no disrespect but having gone through something similar in a previous relationship it seems like there is an imbalance in your relationship. You're only at the beginning of this process, there's going to be more paperwork down the road. Think AOS/ROC... all those co-mingling (bank accounts, insurance, mortgage, etc.). Are you going to be okay doing all the work, if this continues to be the case? More importantly, are you going to be happy if you feel like you're the one doing all the work, in this process or in your relationship? No offense but if he is this checked out this early in the relationship (before you're even married I mean) how is he going to be in the trying times of your lives? I hope I'm wrong. I hope he just isn't a fan of paperwork and such, that he is and that he shows that he is dedicated to you and your relationship. Good luck op!
  7. I'm sorry you got an rfe! Sounds like a strange one though. You're right, they're asking for evidence that are most likely not available yet. my fiance and I don't have concrete plans either since like everyone else we're waiting for the k1 process to be further down the road. Anyway, did you include any other evidence in your original petition that would count as intent to marry? Ex, engagement ring receipt, engagement photos, engagement announcement? I'm surprised they listed wedding shower as an evidence when they deny applications that look too married. SMH. Good luck op! Keep us updated
  8. Hi everyone, we're looking to get my fiance on birth control when she gets to the US or before. Since I won't be able to add her to my insurance right away, I would like to know if it's better to get it done in her home country. For SLEC (St. Luke's - Philippines) it says on their website that consultation is free. https://slec.ph/us-visa-applicants.php#medical-fees Has anyone availed this? I know getting birth control in the Philippines can be difficult. If you/your fiance got her birth control in the US without insurance how much did it cost? We're thinking of getting her on the Depo shot. Thanks!
  9. Is this only for certain embassies? I've never heard this. @Hank_ does USEM do this?
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